Friday, January 24, 2014


They NOW! KNOW WHY men get old & DIE! & IT IS NOT NECESSARY any more!!! BECAUSE! It CAN be PREVENTED!! Or the Story of How George Soros became the Messiah! without even KNOWING IT! Just by WISHING & TALKING! SPEAKING 4 Little, Famous, & Amazing WORDS! THAT GOD gave him,.... that Gave him his WISH! Which were: "I COULD be Wrong." (An answer to A Prayer to God!)
"What shall it profit a man to Gain the WHOLE World?!, BUT! Lose his own LIFE?!" The Reason people get OLD & DIE IS because of DETERIORATION of the DNA! Which is NOW UNDERSTOOD & CAN BE PREVENTED! = How to Live forever Young in Happiness! Which is what I PREDICT for YOU! From THIS DAY FORTH! The DNA MOLECULE has something called Telomeres = fibers sticking out of both ends that protects it from BREAKING! As man comes to maturity around 21 the Telomeres begin to WEAR AWAY & the DNA Molecules start BREAKING & THEN Cell-Division does not keep up with REPLACING Cells-Dying in a man's body & so the DOWN-HILL GRADE of AGING! That ACCELERATES! The Older you get, the FASTER YOU GET OLD! It's NOT NECESSARY any more BECAUSE There is something called TELOMERASE! Which is an ENZYME that CAN BE PRODUCED BY the Human Physical Body! & BUILDS UP the Telomeres & thus prevents Deterioration of DNA & allows a man to "Live forever young in Happiness!" Like "God" said in Genesis 3:22 "Lest he take also of the Tree-of-Life & EAT & LIVE-for-EVER!" SCIENTISTS NOW KNOW how to Stimulate the human physical body to increase production of TELOMERASE & Prevent getting OLD & DYING! SO! Now--KNOWING THIS YOU will turn in a NEW DIRECTION to Stop Geting Old & Dying & instead "Live Forever Young in Happiness!"

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