Friday, January 24, 2014

#33 Christmas Letter (SanJuanPrcssMetals & Friends)

MERRY CHRISTMAS & have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! CONGRATULATIONS on your 32 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of doing Ethical Business Buying & Selling Precious Metals! I have nothing but good things to say about you & recommend you to relatives & friends that wish to buy or sell! You said Satan speaks thru me. Ha,Ha! I don't think so, BUT! That IS ALWAYS a POSSIBILITY!! I think it says somewhere in the Bible that the Devil can QUOTE SCRIPTURE! & He certainly did when he Tempted Jesus 40 DAYS in the Wilderness! But Jesus answered him with BETTER QUOTES! & IF the Devil is talking thru me, he is using God's WORDS to do so! Because 90% of what I say (Website & Letters) comes from quotes from the Bible & therefore is BENEFICIAL! Do you have enough MONEY? Do you have Food, Water, Clothes, Shelter, Somebody to Love You? What else do you NEED?! "How to PROSPER-- Have Plenty of Money! & Have GOOD SUCCESS! at getting Everything You Could ever want in Life?!" "This Book-of-the-Law-- (Deuteronomy) shall NOT Depart out of your mouth, but you shall Read & Study therein Morning & Evening, that you may OBSERVE to DO! All that is written therein, FOR THEN! You shall make YOUR WAY PROSPEROUS!-- PLENTY of MONEY! & THEN YOU shall HAVE GOOD SUCCESS!!-- At getting Everything you could ever want in LIFE! & LIFE ITSELF! which includes everything else! & KNOWLEDGE! "People DIE! FROM LACK of KNOWLEDGE!!!" (Hosea 4:6) BUT! "He that Lives & believes on ME! Will NEVER DIE!"-- LIKE! THE 18 People Physically KILLED by the Tower that fell on them & Physically Squashed them! "Except YOU repent, YOU shall ALL LIKEWISE PERISH!" (Luke) Why are 1000's & 1000's DYING EVERY DAY? BECAUSE of a Lack of KNOWLEDGE of what it means to REPENT! & HOW to REPENT!! There IS ONE PRE-REQUISITE! that PREVENTS them from Repenting & makes them UNABLE to REPENT! & WHAT IS THAT? BEFORE they CAN CORRECT themselves = REPENT, They Absolutely Have to CONCLUDE that they ARE WRONG! NOBODY can do YOU a GREATER FAVOR than to SAY to YOU: "YOU ARE WRONG!" & PROVE IT!!! & CONVINCE YOU OF IT! BECAUSE THAT is the ONLY THING that will allow you to REPENT & to REPENT IS the ONLY THING that will ALLOW YOU to AVOID DEATH & STAY ALIVE-- ACCORDING to Jesus! "Except YOU REPENT, YOU shall All Likewise Perish"-- DIE PHYSICAL DEATH!" LIKEWISE 1000'S & 1000'S of so-called Christians who are dying like flies in Hospitals & Wars, from Old Age & Violence--Suicide, Murder, Accidents, Acts-of-God!-- Hurricanes & Earth Quakes! Dying FROM LACK-of-KNOWLEDGE-- DID NOT SEE IT COMING! WHICH God could have EASILY GIVEN THEM (5,000 Philippinos in Hurricane! 10,000 in Syria Civil War!) IF ONLY THEY HAD LISTENED TO God & Jesus! (in the Bible) who TOLD THEM WHAT TO DO! to AVOID DEATH & GET the KNOWLEDGE of HOW TO STAY ALIVE!! What to do? to Get Eternal Life?-- AVOID DEATH!-- LIVE FOREVER YOUNG in HAPPINESS! WHAT do BOTH God & Jesus SAY? "LOVE God & KEEP God's COMMANDMENTS!" Ha,Ha! THAT'S WHY! PEOPLE ARE DYING! ALL AROUND YOU! They DON'T DO! THAT! They DON'T DO! WHAT BOTH God & Jesus SAY to DO! & WHY? IS THAT? BECAUSE THEY LIE! They SAY they have REPENTED WHEN they have NOT! They SAY they OBEY God, WHEN THEY DO NOT! & They SAY they FOLLOW JESUS, When they DID NOT! & They SAY They BELIEVE on Jesus! WHEN THEY DO NOT! That's WHY! people DIE! from Lack-of-Knowledge! "You shall know THE TRUTH! & The TRUTH will make YOU FREE!!!" FREE FROM WHAT? DEATH!-- PAIN & DEATH! BUT NOBODY CAN know the TRUTH WHEN they LIE!!-- To Themselves! & They DO! Lie to themselves! & Lie to God! & Lie to their children & everybody else!-- They can NEVER KNOW the TRUTH & NEVER AVOID DEATH & NEVER GET INTO PHYSICAL HEAVEN-- the PHYSICAL WORLD where Jesus went AFTER EATING FISH & HONEY! "All Liars shall have their part in the Lake-of-Fire! & NO Liars shall be allowed into that Great PHYSICAL City--HEAVEN!* --"The PHYSICAL NEW JERUSALEM"" 1500 Miles Cube! --with Streets of Gold & the Tree-of-Life GROWING PHYSICALLY in the Middle of the Street by the PHYSICAL Rivers-of-Waters-- Coming down out-of-PHYSICAL-Heaven FROM the PHYSICAL STARS-of-PHYSICAL-Heaven where PHYSICAL-God LIVES!--* The Physical God who ATE Abraham's PHYSICAL-FOOD! & DESTROYED Sodom & Gomorrah (& Hiroshima & Nagasaki) WITH PHYSICAL FIRE & BRIMSTONE! FROM PHYSICAL Heaven! (Every Same-Sex-Marriage & Gay-Pride-Parade BRINGS the CITIES of the USA CLOSER to PHYSICAL ARMAGEDDON!-- Sodom & Gomorrah, Hiroshima & Nagasaki! "Come out of HER! (The CITIES!!) YOU--MY PEOPLE-- for if you partake of HER SINS, YOU will surely partake of her PLAGUES!"*-- PHYSICAL Lake-of-Fire! FROM PHYSICAL Heaven! (God's WORDS!! NOT my words!) YOU don't have to DIE! My Friend! Scientists NOW KNOW WHY people get Old & DIE! & IT'S NOT NECESSARY any more! The Jesus PROPHECY IS COMING TRUE!-- "He that LIVES-- IS PHYSICALLY ALIVE-- & BELIEVES on ME will NEVER DIE!" PHYSICAL DEATH!! LA CHAIM! HOORAY! I DON'T WANNA DIE! DO YOU? May you LIVE Forever Young in Happiness! Your Friend! (Who says: YOU ARE WRONG! Ha,Ha,! Bill Reader REFERENCES for Quotes: Revelation 2:7, "Jesus give Tree-of-Life to EAT!" 7:17, "Living Water" means moving water! Water cannot be ALIVE! 18:4, "Come out of the Cities to avoid the Plagues! 21:22,24,"The Nations that come from those saved from the Lake-of-Fire-on-Earth!" 21:8, "All LIARS in Lake-of-Fire! 22:15, "None who Love a lie or Make a lie Allowed into Heaven!" 22:2, "Tree-of-Life growing in the Physical Street & They EAT Fruits & the Leaves!" 14 "Do Commandments of God to have right to the Tree-of-Life & be able to Enter the City-of-Physical Heaven! "God gives them the Fruit & the Leaves from the Tree-of-Life to EAT... for the Healing of the Nations that come from those who were SAVED from the Lake-of-Fire on Earth!

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