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The Greatest Gift!   that anybody can   EVER  give you!!!......IS to Correctly tell you that YOU ARE WRONG!  Because THAT is the ONLY-THING that will allow you to ESCAPE PAIN! & DEATH!  BECAUSE of what Jesus told us! = "YOU are ALL WRONG!!  &  EXCEPT!  You  CORRECT YOURSELVES! you shall  ALL PERISH!—DIE!—PHYSICAL-DEATH‼!  LIKEWISE!!LIKEWISE 18 people SQUASHED& KILLED Physically by the TOWER that fell on them& squashed their guts out & Physically KILLED them!  IF! YOU wana avoid PHYSICAL-Pain! & PHYSICAL- DEATH, you should  PAY-ATTENTION to what Jesus SAID!  & come to Realize that IF! you are suffering-Pain & Dying-slowly like Adam & Eve & ALL your Ancestors& Grand Parents, IT IS  FROM  LACK-of-KNOWLEDGE!  OF  HOW-TO AVOID Pain! & AGING! = Going thru Pain till you  DROP DEAD finally of OLD-AGE! or VIOLENCE! = Murder, Suicide, Accidents, War, "Acts-of-God",  Earth-Quakes, Hurricanes, Tidal-Waves, Volcanoes, ETC.  PAIN!  &  DEATH are Caused-by  LACK-of-KNOWLEDGE!  OF HOW-TO AVOID PAIN!  &  DEATH!  The Bible SAYS!  "People DIE!  FROM!  Lack-of-Knowledge!"  (Hosea 4:6)  "ALL Lack is a Lack-of-Knowledge!"  OF!  2 Things! = What your Problem-IS!  & What the  Solution-IS! = What you WANT!  &  How to GET-IT!  Lack of Money IS a Lack-of-Knowledge!  OF!
 HOW-TO   Get-MONEY!   IF you DON’T know  WHAT  you WANT, there's NO-way in the Whole-Wide-World to GET-IT! & IF you don't know HOW-to-GET  WHAT-YOU-WANT, you CANNOT GET-IT! until you LEARN-HOW! to GET-IT!!  LEARN = GET-KNOWLEDGE!  "The ONLY-THING! standing between you & what you WANT, IS Knowledge!The Knowledge-of-How!HOW-TO  go-about-GETTING-IT!  IF you have TRIED  to  GET-SOMETHING, BUT!  Have been unable to get-it,  IT IS BECAUSE!  YOU were WRONG!!  AS JESUS SAID!  You did  NOT  have the-correct- Knowledge!......OF!  How-to-GET what you wanted!  & The ONLY-WAY  to  GET-WHAT-YOU-WANT  IS!  to LEARN  FROM! your Mistakes & CORRECT yourself!!.....AS JESUS SAID!  ("Failure is the MOTHER of Success!"  "IF at First you don't Succeed, Try!  Try!  Again!  & Again!  & Again!  & NEVER  GIVE-UP!!  BECAUSE!  THAT!  IS the ONLY-WAY!   to LEARN!How-to-Get What-you-Want!  "NOTHING is too Difficult!!  You ONLY have to  LEARN-HOW!" AS JESUS SAID!  "IF you have the Faith-of-a-Grain-of-Mustard-Seedto-TRY! you can say to YOUR-MOUNTAIN-PROBLEM-DESIREMOVE!!!  & YOU  can!  MOVE-IT!!"  & NOTHING will be impossible FOR-YOU!"  YOU  can!  Avoid Pain! & Death! & YOU can!  GET PLENTY-of-MONEY!  & HAVE!  Good-Success  AT Getting-Everything!You could ever want in life!IF!!!  IF!!! YOU take THE-ONE FIRST  SMALL-STEP!to LISTEN to JESUS & PAY-ATTENTION to What he Said!to REALIZE WHY you have NOT yet  succeeded in GETTING  WHAT-you-WantBECAUSE!!!  You have been WRONG  in-your-THINKING OF! HOW-TO   Go-about-Getting-it!  & Although you thought you KNEW  HOW-to-GET what-you-wanted,  you did-NOT!  know-how!  & THAT! was what Prevented you FROM!  GETTING-WHAT-YOU-WANTED!  &  BECAUSE! you were-Wrong,  it was NECESSARY to REALIZE-IT!  & DO!  WHAT!  Jesus-said-to-do!! = CORRECT-YOURSELF! = LEARN!  —LEARN FROM!  your Mistakes & FailuresHOW-TO  make Failure absolutely-impossible!  In-order-to  make SUCCESS at Getting-What-you-Want  absolutely- CERTAIN!!  BECAUSE!!  "EXCEPT you come to REALIZE! … THAT-Jesus-was- Correct & YOU-were-Wrong, YOU will NEVER  be able to CORRECT-YOURSELF to be ABLE to GET-EVERYTHING you Want in Life!  & AVOID-PAIN!  & DYING-Slowly-in-Pain-Hell!  till you finally drop-dead suddenly of Old-Age or Violence!!  THEREFORE!  The GREATEST-GIFT that ANYBODY could EVER give you,  has just been  GIVEN  to-YOU!!!  =  JESUS' WORDS!  IF you are in Pain!  OR,  Are Dying-Slowly-in-Pain! = Getting Old & Dying," OR, IF you have NOT been able to Get-what-you-Want = Plenty-of-Money!  IT IS BECAUSE!!  AS Jesus Said:  "You ARE ALL WRONG!" =  You have been Going-about-it  in  the WRONG-WAY!--that DID NOT WORK!  & Have been Failing!  & You MUST REALIZE-THAT!  & CORRECT-YOURSELF & Find out HOW! = The CORRECT-WAY to Go-about Getting-What-you-Want   in-order-to  SUCCEED!--AT Getting-what-you-Want!  Jesus Said:  "He that LIVES & Believes on ME, will NEVER DIE PHYSICAL DEATH!"  THIS!  IS an absolute! 100%! TRUE-FACT!  We  KNOW THIS! BECAUSE!  it  IS-PROVEN  BY!  the Words of Jesus!  (John 11:26)  & IF YOU think that you must-DIE!  to get Eternal Life,  you are WRONG!  & YOUR Wrong-Belief  LEADS-TO  DEATH!JUST-AS-IT-DID!  for ALL who came before you WHO  DIED PHYSICAL DEATH!!   Jesus Said:  "IF you Believe!  & Have the Faith-of-a-Grain-of-Mustard-Seed, YOU  can!  MOVE-YOUR-MOUNTAIN!  & NOTHING!  will be impossible FOR-YOU!SO!  IF you have been TRYING to-Get Plenty-of-MONEY!  OR,  ANYTHING else, but could not-yet succeed, IT IS BECAUSE!  You have been wrong in HOW you thought you could do it & you must CORRECT-YOURSELF to SUCCEED!  = EXACTLY WHAT JESUS SAID TO DO!  SO!  RIGHT HERE!  & RIGHT NOW!  YOU have been GIVEN the GREATEST-GIFT!!!  that can EVER be GIVEN to YOU!!!  FROM JESUS! = The KEY!   to  GETTING!-EVERYTHING you will ever Want in Life!—The LACK-of-Which IS THE-REASON you have NOT-yet succeeded in Getting the things you Wanted, BUT!  Have NOT-YET  been able to GET!  The REASON-for your failure!  & The REASON-for  your LACK-of-MONEY & LACK-of  PLENTY-of-Money!  & The REASON-for your Pain!....IF you have Pain!  & The REASON-for  your Lack-of-ANYTHING  you  Want, BUT Have NOT-YET been able to get.  & the REASON-for WHY! you are getting-old-&-Dying LIKE Adam & Eve! & EVERYBODY who has ever DIED!  in the History of the World!  AMAZING-THING!!!   EVERYBODY!  who  has ever DIED  in the History of the World!  DIED!  BECAUSE!!!  They  could NOT!   DO!  what Jesus Said to-DO!  =  CORRECT-THEMSELVES!   To DISCARD their WRONG-OPINION & WRONG-KNOWLEDGE & GET!  The  RIGHT-KNOWLEDGE!-of  How-to  CORRECTLY! Go-about-Getting  the thing they WANT!  =  PLENTY-of-Money, or Prolonged Life, or FREEDOM from Pain, or Disease or Enslavement!  & IF you think you must-DIE  to get Eternal Life & IF you do  not HAVE  Eternal Life = Everlasting Life = Life that LASTS FOREVER = PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY,  IT IS BECAUSE!  YOU have been WRONG!  & YOU could NOT SEE-IT!  AMAZING-THING!  YOU did NOT really Believe  Jesus! = Did NOT BELIEVE his Words!  But TWISTED his words to YOUR way-of-thinking!--to make them MEAN something OTHER than What he SAID!!!  & UNLESS!  You come to SEE & UNDERSTAND!  that YOU were WRONG! & ARE-WRONG & NEED-TO & HAVE-TO CORRECT-YOURSELF,  IT will be true-of- YOU!WHAT Jesus SAID!  "YOU are  ALL! WRONG!  & EXCEPT!  You  CORRECT-YOURSELF,  YOU  shall ALL LIKEWISE-PERISHDIE PHYSICAL DEATH!Likewise18 People Squashed & Killed-Physically by the Tower that  FELL-on-THEM!"  & THIS!  IS the GREATEST-GIFT that ANYBODY CAN EVER Give you in Life!--The GIFT to YOU FROM Jesus!--to TELL-YOU ..... WHY! ..... You have failed to get something or anything you wished, but couldn't get & WHY you are getting old & Dying like Adam & Eve = to TELL-YOU that YOU have been Wrong!  &  to SUCCEED AT Getting-Everything you could ever want in Life &!  Eternal-Life &/or PHYSICAL-IMMORTALITY, there's ONLY ONE-WAY! = CORRECT-YOURSELF to get the CORRECT KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW to go about Getting IT!  --For everything you WANT!   DO!  WHAT Jesus Said to DO!  The Man asked Jesus,  "What MUST I DO!  to get ETERNAL LIFE?"  Jesus Said,  "Love God & Keep God's Commandments!"  Do THIS!  & YOU will LIVE!" = STAY ALIVE!  BUT!  IF you don't DO THIS!  YOU will DIE!  LIKEWISE!  LIKEWISE ALL your Ancestors!  & No REASONS-WHY or EXCUSES as to  WHY  you can NOT DO THIS ONE-THING will help you avoid going thru Pain till you DIE!  ALL the Vitamins & Health-Food in the World will not help you IF you do not DO this ONE-THING that Jesus Said to do!  It's sounds like two things!  BUT!  It is ONLY ONE!  BECAUSE you will NEVER be ABLE to LOVE-GOD IF you do not keep God's Commandments Perfectly--BE-PERFECT-with-YHWH-your-God!"  BECAUSE!  IF you do NOT, God will Punish-you--Chasten-you with PAIN!!!  & YOU can ..... NEVER ..... LOVE God when God is Punishing-you--Chastening-you WITH PAIN!  SO!  To my opinion, the ONLY-WAY to be ABLE to Love-God is to: DO!  WHAT BOTH MOSES & JESUS SAID to DO!!! ..... =  "BE-PERFECT-with-YHWH-your-God"& Keep ALL God's Commandments PERFECTLY to GET  ETERNAL-LIFE = TO: "Live-Forever-Young-in-Happiness!"  "You don't Know What you CAN DO till you TRY!"  "The ONLY-WAY to Find-Out WHAT you CAN DO, IS to TRY!"  ONE-THING for CERTAIN!!  "IF you do NOT TRY, you CAN NOT SUCCEED!"  SO TRY!  WHAT HAVE you got to LOSE?  You are BOUND to see improvement in your life, IF YOU TRY!  & SEE GREATER HAPPINESS & LONGER LIFE!  YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU TRIED!  Think about it!  Do you have any Pain?  Do you Lack anything you WANT?  DO you have Plenty of Money YET?  Have you Failed to get anything you WANTED?  ASK YOURSELF ... WHY?  &  READ THIS AGAIN!  The ANSWER is HERE!  DO what BOTH Moses & Jesus SAID to DO! TO GET everything you want in life!  IF you have NOT succeeded at getting what you want,  TRY THIS!  IF you have failed to get something you wanted, IT IS BECAUSE you LACK  THE-KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW to-Get-It!  & You MUST CORRECT-YOURSELF & LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!  YOU MUST GET KNOWLEDGE!  You must find-out WHY you failed & How to CORRECT-YOURSELF to make Failure absolutely-impossible to make SUCCESS absolutely-CERTAIN!  & you CAN!  BY LEARNING from Jesus  BY asking yourself,  Why have I failed?--to get what I wanted?  How can I make Failure IMPOSSIBLE?  Where did I go Wrong?!  How can I CORRECT-MYSELF?  "You have NOT BECAUSE you ASK NOT!  (James) ASK!  & you shall RECEIVE!"  (Matthew)  BY!  COMING to REALIZE that you CAN!  BY LEARNING to CORRECT-YOURSELF to GET EVERYTHING you could EVER WANT in Life!  GOOD LUCK!  MAY YOU "Live-Forever-Young-in-Happiness!"
Get  PLENTY of MONEY!  &
Getting!  Everything you
Could ever want in Life!
What are YOU gonna Tell me?
I'm gonna Tell YOU:  How to Prosper! = Get Plenty of Money! & Have! Good Success!
(AT  getting  Everything you could ever want in Life!)—Like the “ROCK”--Millionaire,  Movie StarDwayne Johnson!  Good MAN!  &
 How?  …..  is that?
"This  Book!  .....  of the Law (Deuteronomy)  shall not depart out of your mouth;  BUT, YOU SHALL!  Read  & Study therein Every Morning & Evening!  THAT you may observe to DO  According  TO  all that is  written therein:
 you shall  make YOUR way   PROSPEROUS!—Plenty of Money! and  THEN! 
 YOU shall HAVE!
(AT getting Everything you could ever want in Life!)  (Joshua 1:8)

 you could EVER WANT in Life!!!  BY  a simple PLAN-of-HOW!—One  Simple-Step  at-a-time!—Like a Stone falling thru Water to the bottom of the Lake!—to Your Goal!
There’s only ONE-WAY in the Whole Wide World to  get-anything  & everything you could ever want in Life!  & it’s the ONLY-WAY! Anything  has-ever-been-gotten by  Anybody  in the History of the World!—From Adam&Eve to Cleopatra&Anthony to Obama&Michelle!  & There’s  NO OTHER WAY!!  To  GET-ANYTHING!   Do you KNOW what it IS?  IF NOT, you STRUGGLE  at a Great-DISADVANTAGE!!
& THAT is the ONE-THING HOLDING-YOU-BACK from   GETTING  Everything-you-Want, but have NOT yet  been able to GET!  & THAT is WHY you have Failed to get what you Wanted & THAT is the REASON-WHY  you  have NOT  YET been ABLE  to GET  What-you-Want!  If you don’t KNOW What IT IS!  you NEED!   to  FIND-OUT!!  BECAUSE!  THAT!   IS!  what will be the EXPEDITER-of-your-DREAMS!  &  SPEED-UP your  GETTING!  Everything you will ever want in life!  & If you don’t KNOW what  IT IS!  THEN  “What we have  HERE  is
 a FAILURE-to-COMMUNICATE!”  Ha,Ha,Ha! COMMUNICATION is the KEY!  To LEARNING!   Ask  & you SHALL RECEIVE!  You cannot receive, IF you DO NOT ASK!  What you NEED! is KNOWLEDGE!!—The KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW to GET-KNOWLEDGE!  It’s THE-WAY  TO  GET-KNOWLEDGE!  (The ONE-THING That you have NOT been taught in School!)  & It’s the ONE Big HOLD-UP  in life!—HOW to GET KNOWLEDGE!  People actually DIE!  FROM!  LACK-of-KNOWLEDGE!  Even the Bible SAYS SO!  Hosea 4:6  “People DIE from Lack of Knowledge!”  “If you want something, you MUST Work for it!”  & The work you MUST DO! IS get-KNOWLEDGE!—LEARN—The  KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW!  To Get-What-you-Want! “NOTHING!  is TOO Difficult!!—You ONLY have to LEARN-HOW!”   All LACK ….. IS a Lack-of-Knowledge!—of Two things: =  What you want & How to get it!—HOW-TO ….. GO-ABOUT-GETTING-IT!—WHATEVER YOU WANT!  POVERTY!  is Hard-Headed!"—Stupid, Stubborn, Arrogant, Lacking-Humility, Ignorant, Lacking-Knowledge, CAN-NOT-Learn!  Wooden-Head!  POVERTY!  is  CAUSED BY    Lack of Knowledge!—CAUSED-BY  Inability-to-LEARN!   Lack of Money is caused- by  Lack-of-Knowledge  of  HOW-TO   get- Money!—ENOUGH MONEY!MORE MONEY!—PLENTY OF MONEY!  The ONLY-THING  standing  BETWEEN-you  & what you want IS KNOWLEDGE!—The KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW!—to GET-WHAT-YOU-WANT!  The ONLY-LACK  IS  LACK-of-KNOWLEDGE!—The Lack-of  the-Knowledge-of-HOW  TO  go-about-getting the thing you want!  BUT!  HOW? do-you-GET the KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW  to  GET  the thing you want?  Do you go to School?  Ha,Ha,Ha!  I don’t Think SO!!    It doesn’t seem to work very well, DOES IT?!  It didn’t work for me!  Ha,Ha,Ha!  Maybe THAT IS   BECAUSE  you are Forced to learn so much irrelevant silly-non-sense-JUNK!???—That doesn’t seem to take you where you want to go! Or get you want you want!  DOES IT?  It didn’t for me!  It seems to ENSLAVE-YOU in-a-JOB!  That takes all the running-you-can-DO to just   STAY-IN-ONE-PLACE!  Ha,Ha,Ha!  SO!  HOW!  do you GET!  the KNOWLEDGE-of-HOW  to-get the ONE-THING  you WANT-NEXT?  How do you EXPEDITE-YOUR-DREAMS  &  SPEED UP!  your success AT GETTING! Everything you could ever want in life ….. BEFORE! you’re Old & Gray & too Decrepit to enjoy it?  Ha,Ha,Ha!  How do you GET!  the-Knowledge-of-HOW  to Get PLENTY-of-MONEY! …..NOW!—SOON!—GET-RICH-QUICK?! "Money is the-ANSWER to EVERYTHING!" "WITH Money, you CAN DO  Everything!"  "WITH NO-Money, IT'S  NO WORLD!"  "WITHOUT Money;  YOU CAN'T  DO …..  NOTHIN!"  Ha,Ha,Ha! (Jewish Proverbs)
Do you have enough MONEY?
Food? Water? Clothes? Shelter?
Somebody to Love You?
  What do you NEED?!
to BIG BUCKS!!! $$$!!!!
“Remember YHWH Your God!
  For it’s HE Who GIVES you POWER
to get MONEY & WEALTH!”  (Deut. 8:18)
 "How to PROSPER—Get Plenty of Money!
  &  Have GOOD SUCCESS!” at
getting Everything  You Could ever want in Life:"
"This “Book-of-the-Law”—(Deuteronomy)
shall NOT Depart out of your mouth, BUT!
  You shall Read & Study therein  Every Morning & Evening,
THAT!  you may OBSERVE to DO!
  All that is written therein,
  FOR THEN!  You shall make YOUR WAY
--At getting Everything you could ever want in LIFE!
(It only takes 5 MINUTES-Morning & Evening!)

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