Monday, April 1, 2013

#14 (3) STRANGE THING! Curse Backfired! & 3 Days of TERROR!


That Happened to me!
The Lady on whose land I parked my truck & lived in my tent
 on the back of the truck, had a Daughter—(38),  
 no children, married, adopted little boy & little girl,  (8 & 2). 
  I used to come & see them (Mother & Daughter in the same house)
 once a month & bring a present, & I gave them my brochures
Made from Quotes from the Bible. 
I gave her Mother a small Mulberry Tree which I believe IS the Tree of Life  
  (Mentioned in the Bible) & planted IT  in a flower bed in
 the front yard (with permission.) 
One day when I came & the Mother wasn't there,
 I talked to the Daughter—Tali.
 I said,  look what the Bible says about Eternal Life
 (This is what I am preaching to people.) 
 If you don't stop eating the Forbidden Fruit, you will DIE!,  
 (Like Adam & Eve—The Sons of Adam still
 Eating the Forbidden Fruit after 6,000 years!  Ha! 
 (I laughed because many people think these words are silly!)  &
 if you don't find the Tree of Life  & Eat from IT to
 LIVE FOREVER, you will DIE! 
 (Genesis 3:22  & Rev 2:7)  Jesus said:  "To him who overcomes
 will  I give to Eat  of the Tree of Life."  & if you don't
 keep the Commandments of God, like Jesus said to DO, you will DIE!
 —what Jesus said to  DO  TO the man asking,
 “What CAN I  DO to  GET  ETERNAL LIFE?  Jesus SAID! 
 "Keep the Commandments" OF God! 
 I didn't realize it, but she took what I said personally, 
 (I was sort of speaking generically-philosophically
sort of rephrasing the Bible,
 telling her what I was preaching to people & writing in my brochures
—summarizing.)  But, she became angry with me &
 said loudly & aggressively,
 (Over & over 2-3 times.) 
   She was what's known as an Obnoxious Person. 
 I had told her my name was Bill Reader, but she said, 
“I call you Mr. Read!”  & I said I'm quoting you the Bible.
Then  out of the Blue  she said,  "Mr. Read, YOU'RE GONNA DIE! 
 Mark my Words! 
Well I wasn't happy to hear THAT! But, I didn't know what to say, so
 I didn't say anything.  & I realized I had unintentionally antagonized her. 
 Talking to her was like bumping into a Cactus,--bound, to draw blood &
 cause pain!  There was no chance of having what you would call a
 “Philosophical Discussion” with her.  The next time I came, I noticed that
 the Mulberry Tree I had given her Mother & planted in the Flower Bed
 beside the House was GONE!  And I asked her about it, &  she told me that,
  “the Mulberry Tree was NOT the Tree of Life & she had pulled it up
 from the flower bed & trashed it!”   (It had been growing very well & by this time
, after 5-6 months, was about 4 feet high.)  & (She continued) 
 “& the Orange was NOT  the Forbidden Fruit! 
 (which I had told them I suspected WAS the Forbidden Fruit 
 mentioned in the Bible,  because  it is beautiful & because  
 it has  Citric Acid  IN it that causes the skin all around my mouth
 to crumble like dandruff when I eat it.) 
I asked her if the Tree was still in the trash & maybe I could save it,
 but she said NO!  It’s GONE! 
 (Her husband was there & heard it all.)
So, after that I had made up my mind that I didn't want to talk to her any more. 
  I liked the Mother—Talafulu, but the daughter, I couldn't stand!  So
 I didn't come to see them for a few months, UNTIL   a man named Pisa Tongafau
 from the other family next door to the West on the other side of a big
 “mountain” of rocks came to see me & told me that his family
 is the true owner of the land where I park & there is a dividing line
 at the fence between me & the little house with the 14 long windows
 east of me—they (Dorothy Tausala Morris—the Flower Lady)
 let me park there, because I watched over her yard & house
 while she was  gone on trips—sort of security. 
         That man told me that Tali—The Daughter (38)  had DIED! 
 from a  heart-attack  after a lot of laughing!   
 I was  ASTOUNDED & HURT!  &
 My LIFE IS & has been  for many years DEDICATED to  
 HELPING Everybody I know  DO THE SAME! 
          So I went to see the Mother—Talafulu,  to express
 my sorrow & condolences.  She did not invite me to sit down
 in the house as she always had before, & she told me
 a somewhat different story, which made me conclude
 that the Daughter—Tali had taken sleeping pills & committed suicide! 
  She had been laughing a lot that night, & then fell asleep
 with her head in a strange position & was snoring & they
 couldn't wake her up, & they called the Hospital for an Ambulance &
 started taking her to the Hospital in the car & met the Ambulance
 about half way to the Hospital & she died at the Hospital. 
 I wondered if they pumped her stomach, but I was afraid to ask. 
 I met many people who knew the Daughter, but I never met anyone who liked her
,--some people I knew didn't like her. 
 I thought such Strange Co-incidences!  She predicted my death
—almost a curse, but she died—probably by her own hand! 
 She never searched for the Tree of Life, & she could not 
  KNOW  with certainty that I was wrong & that the Mulberry  was NOT 
  the Tree of Life, (of the Bible)  & (I could  not say  with  certainty that it WAS!
  I could only say it was my GUESS!—for Scientific Reasons & —DITTO
  for the Orange.)  So she pulled up & killed what  COULD have been  
 the  Tree of Life—(breaking a Commandment of God) &
 ended up losing her own life—a STRANGE & VERY SAD THING! 
 I hoped her prediction for me would not come true! 
 But I guess the danger period is over, since
 this all happened before January 2011 so "THIS YEAR" would have been
 May 2010 to May 2011.  & It is now 1/25/2013.

TERROR!--What Joe Togitogi
(19 YEAR old Samoan Juvenile Delinquent)
DID to  Bill Reader
During 3 days from
2:30 pm Sunday. 7/21,
 Monday, 7/22, 12:30 pm,
 Tuesday, 7/23/2013:
Joe came to Bill’s tent
where Bill had lived for 2 years &
THREATENED Bill with Bodily Harm &
Torture & Damage & Death!  by
Cutting off Bill’s Fingers &
Bashing His Head in with rocks &
Cutting his Throat with a 12 inch knife
that he showed Bill & demonstrated
how he used it to hide it & fight with it &
kill people with it.
& by this Means of  Causing  Fear &  Terror,
he Extorted $3, & then again $10 &
then again $2 & then again $11 &
forced Bill to agree to Bring him $50
the next day at 5pm Tuesday afternoon 7/23/2013 or
suffer Torture & Death by Cutting off Fingers,
Bashing his Head in & Cutting his Throat!
Bill went to the Police in Fagatogo
Monday Morning, 7/22 & reported to
Police Officer Faamiauno  the  stories
that Joe had told him of 5 Murderers Joe said
he had committed in Gang-related Killings
—3 in Hawaii & 2 here in American Samoa.
Bill feared he had met
a Serial-Killer/Mass- Murderer & reported it,
asking  only that the Police Officer
do everything he could to  NOT  let Joe  know
that Bill reported him.
Here is a detailed outline of
most of what
Joe (Togitogi—last name found out by Police.) said &
did to Bill Reader over this period of 3 Days &
6 Times Joe came to see Bill Reader,
5 Times at Bill’s tent & One Time at Fagatogo
by the American Samoa News building.
Sunday 7/21/13 about 2:30 pm,  Joe came &
asked Bill to make money by reading  Bible Verses
like many boys did for Quarters & Dollars
over a period of two years.
At first  I  told him to go away, because
I thought he was his younger brother—Neal—who
cannot understand or speak English or Samoan &
tries to look at everything  I  have
& to touch my stuff &
carry it away & asks for cigarettes & soda
by hand motions.
Since I cannot communicate with him &
cannot help him,
 I always tell him to leave, which he does, after
I go into my tent & shut the rain flaps.
  After standing there a while he finally goes away.
  But then I realized it was Joe,  when
he talked to me & said he wanted to make $4.
  I said OK, but told him 3 Times that I do not
pay Money for CONVERSATION.  But
I ONLY pay boys Money to say the Bible Verses
quoted in my brochures, a few words at a time after me,
because none of them  read very well, so
I teach them in this way.  Joshua 1:8, Deuteronomy 28:1-20
—Verses of God’s Promises of Prosperity &
Good Success for Keeping God’s Commandments.
I pay them $1 for 15 minutes of this “WORK” they do.
Joe went around to the back of my tent
—he said for  avoid the sun & sat &
completed the WORDS of one brochure
—repeating the WORDS as I read them
—The Golden Rule from Jesus &
other Bible Verses.  Which took about 7 minutes
for which I usually pay  $ .50.
But then Joe asked me questions &
wanted to have conversation, &
I repeated that I did not want to pay him
for Conversation & said,
 that If he wanted to make Money—$4,
  he would have to say the Bible WORDS
after me for 15 minutes to make each Dollar,
or 1 hour to make $4.
Then he appeared to get  ANGRY & said
I was “Jerking-him-around” & let me see
a small sharp rock in his hand & threatened to
bash my head in  & then
picked up a bigger rock—about 6 or 7 lbs. &
came closer to me(—sitting  inside my tent,) &
then picked up a very big rock with both  hands
—about 20 lbs. & his eyes turned red & he made
angry faces at me, coming closer & closer.
So I began to fear for my life &
 immediately apologized, &
tried to calm him & make friends again, saying
that I was Sorry &
 didn’t want to say anything that would
make him angry, &
asked him what he thought was fair?
  & he said, he was in a hurry & had to go to Church!
“Pay me the $4!”—Angrily &
I said, “That’s not fair.
You only worked for less than 15 minutes.
  How about
if I pay you $2 & you leave? 
 Then he became angry &
threatened me again & grabbed my tent screen &
threatened to tear my tent apart!  So
I said, “OK!  I’m sorry,
  I will pay you the $4!  But don’t come back.”
(I was still brave at that point.)  &
he said Angrily-Loudly,
“I will NEVER COME BACK!”  Then
he came around to
the front of my tent & sat on my blue chair there &
by sliding up the tent zipper I passed out the $4, which he took.
  I was trembling with heart racing in fear, hoping
he would go away quickly & never come back, but
I was scared to tell him to leave, & he started acting
friendly again & wanted to talk to me more & told me
that he had shot & killed a Mexican  Gang-Banger-Boy—his
best friend in Hawaii, because he threatened to Rape Joe’s sister.
And that he never wanted to kill anybody else & Prayed to God for
Forgiveness for Murdering 5 people which he started telling me about,
beginning with the Mexican boy in Hawaii.
He said he shot him in the head in the yard & went to prison
only 3 months, because it was self-defense.
  About this time Sean was walking by across the street
on the South Side & Joe called to him to come over to my tent, &
he did.  He sat down on a cushion on a bucket
across from Joe rather meekly & listened & heard Joe say
he had killed 5 people!  Two for his Gang-Banger-Boss
in Hawaii, by walking up to a car & shooting him
in the head & the other by strangling & cutting his throat
with a knife!  Sean heard him say he had killed 5 people, but
I don’t know what  else he heard, because he left shortly afterwards.
  I asked Sean if he wanted to “read” & make money as
he had in the past, but he said no.  & Joe continued &
said he had murdered a dock worker in Fagatogo by
strangling & cutting his throat with the help
of his best friend—another Gang-Banger who had
killed people for money.  & they both went to prison, but
for a short time, because he lied to the Police & it couldn’t
be proved either one of them did it, but the truth was
Joe started strangling him & his friend came to help him &
they did it together.  Then he asked me how I would like it
if he brought his friend over to read & make money.
I said please don’t.  But he said, he was going to
bring him over to me—threatening me with that.
As far as I could tell, Sean was NOT participating
in Joe’s threatening me & extorting money from me.
After about another 30 minutes & more tales of
how the Gangs Mugged & Robbed people & sold drugs &
cut off people’s fingers & bashed in their heads &
cut their throats & he prayed for forgiveness from God &
for help to become a better person & never murder anyone else.  &
he wanted to become a Pastor!  Then he left, but later
came back after Dark—about 7:30 & told me that
he had killed a Cab-Driver in Fagasa with whom he
got in an argument & said something about doing something
like raping his wife & the Cab-Driver, said if he ever did anything
like that he would Kill Joe, so in anger Joe strangled him &
Killed him & threw his body in gully in Fagasa.
The Police found it, but never found out who killed him.
When Joe came back Sunday night, he was smoking a cigarette, &
asked to “Borrow” $10 because he needed Milk for his son,
the baby of his girl-friend in Leone, but I resisted, thinking
there would be no end to this extortion, & it would get
worse & worse—telling him that many people had borrowed
money from me & promised to pay me back, but never did,
but he kept begging & told me he had grabbed his girl-friend
by the hair & come within a hair’s breadth of killing her in anger,
because she was jerking-him-around, & his parents no longer
ever corrected him any  more because he would explode in anger &
(the next day Rolly his cousin told me that he had
hit his own mother, but Joe told me that his father was dead &
his mother went to the USA with another man.)   &
he promised me 2-3 times to pay me back
on his pay-day—Thursday 7/25/13, so I offered him $8,
but he begged for $10 & promised to not ask me
for any more money. so I gave him $10, & he left, but
came back once again around 8:30 & said he had been
smoking marijuana & it made him feel better.
Then the next morning (Monday, 7/22/13) he came again
about 7:15 am & asked for $2.00, bus fare to work.
I said no.  I would pay him no more money unless
he  "worked"  for it by saying the  BIBLE WORDS  after me,
but he said he didn't have time, because he had to get to work
by 7:45 am  & start by 8 am & it was in AUA,  building barriers
against beach erosion from the ocean.  So I gave him the $2.  &
then at about 10:30 am I went to the Police/Fagatogo & saw
Detective Faaimano & said I thought I had met
a Serial-Killer/Mass-Murderer & told him everything
that Joe did & said (that I could remember) & asked him
to assure me that he would do everything he could to
prevent Joe from finding out  that I reported him to the Police,
which he did give me that assurance.  & at that time I also
told  him that Joe had told me that his  Gang-Banger Boss
had sent him back to Am Samoa with a gun & a picture of a guy to kill
(—who had threatened his grandmother)  & though he had
asked God for forgiveness & asked for God's help
to be a better person, there was one more person
he had to  KILL!  before he could quit killing.  &
said he had 8 guns in his house & smuggled
the 1 gun into Am Samoa by hiding it inside
a camera & thought it very clever.  & that he had
a 28 year old brother in Vai-Loa (later changed to Vai-Togi)
who was a Gangster-Boss & sold drugs & Mugged people &
Killed them & took their money & cut off  fingers &
bashed in heads & cut throats & cut the bodies up
into pieces & stole their money.  & drove a black car with
a Hood-Emblem of a Skull & Snake.  & when Joe asked him
for money, said,  “Go sell this cocaine for me & don't come
asking me for money!”
 I left my brochures with the Police Officer which
included the Bible Verses that I pay boys to "Read
"(—which Means that I read the words & they
repeat them after me,  the way I say them, so they
can learn to communicate & it will help them
make money someday as salesmen & actors
--like the "Rock"--millionaire-Samoan-movie-star
Dwayne Johnson, & make lots of money & end up rich.)
Then Monday, 7/22/13,  Joe came after Dark about 7pm with
a Big Butcher Knife about 12" long & told me
his Gang-Boss-Brother & 2 friends were close by &
his brother had sent him to cut my fingers off &
bash my head in & cut my throat,  if I didn't give him $50,
but after that, he would never come back, because
he knew I would be waiting with a gun,  &
said he was So SORRY!  that he had to do this thing
to me for his brother, but  he had to do it! &
said he would rather kill his brother than kill  me &
said he called me his father.  & said he told his brother
that if he did any harm to me, Joe would kill himself.
But I said I didn't have $50, but only a few  Quarters
in my back-pack for paying boys to “read”  the Bible Verses.
  So he said to give him $10 to give his brother &
promise to go to the bank & get $50 & give it to him
tomorrow night—Tuesday, 7/23/13, at 5 pm.  So I gave him
$8 Quarters & 2 Dollar bills & when he saw I still had $2 left
in my hand he demanded another dollar making it $11--now $27
that I had given him & agreeing to have the $50  for  him
the next night at 5 pm.  & he showed me his
Gang-Banger-Member Tattoo—a beautiful artistic skull
with 2 little black beards--probably cost a $100!  &
a Scar on his right wrist from  a Gang-Ritual &
talked more about cutting off fingers & bashing in heads &
cutting throats, & said if I told anybody in the village or
went to the Police, his brother would torture me & kill me.
  It was after I had given him the $11, that he said
he had to kill this one other person for his Gang-Boss
in Hawaii, before he could stop killing people.
Then he left, but
came back about 9 pm (without the knife)  &
asked what I had in my hand as I sat in my tent
  thinking—trying to figure out what I should do.
I think he worried  it was a gun, but it was a pen,
which I told him.  & he asked me what I was doing
sitting there like that, & I told him I was wondering
if I should go to the Police & he said that would be a big mistake,
because even if he went to jail, his brother would
send Gangsters to break all my bottles & burn up
my tent & torture me & kill me!  & he said it didn't matter,
because the Police were in with the Gangs & taking money &
selling drugs & wouldn't help me & would probably kill me
themselves & you lose everything!  & I said I was thinking
I should kill myself, —better than living in such a world as this.
& he said,  after I pay the $50, he would never come back, but
I thought NO!  THAT’S B/S!  It's been one thing after another &
this is just-the-beginning!
So, the next morning I left before 7 am, thinking he would
come again that morning to demand  more money.
So I went to ASCC Library & then the Police Station. Fagatogo &
talked to Detective Wells & wrote out a Prosecution Complaint
against Joe to hopefully have him arrested & take him to court &
prosecute him, & she said it was all lies! …. —everything he told me.
I asked if she could check his Police Record in Hawaii, but
she said she didn’t have to, because the first thing
they would have done would have been to check with
the Police Department of American Samoa!
So I signed the Complaint Report & left,
expecting them to find & arrest Joe.  As I left the Police Station
I decided to go by the Sport Store to find out what is necessary
to buy a gun, (Out of Curiosity, though I did not intend to buy a gun.)
& I stopped by the American Samoa News dumpster &
was fishing out an old newspaper & Joe came walking up
behind me (12:30, Probably on Lunch Break) smiling & said
, “Hey Bill!”  Like I was his long-lost-best-friend or something! &
I screamed at him & yelled: “I just came from the Police &
filled out a full report of everything you told me!”
  & he threatened me again! & said, “I’m gonna
send my brother after you!”  & I yelled at him again,
“You IDIOT!  You ain’t got no brother!”  & watched him walk
quickly away to get on a blue bus in front of the Post Office, &
I went back to the Police Station & told the receptionist there
that I had just seen Joe & he had threatened me again
with his fictitious 28 year old Gangster-Brother!  &
I wasn’t going to spend the night in my tent where
I had lived for 2 years.  & she said she would send
the Police after him & they would meet me at my tent, &
I could gather up what I needed & my smaller pup-tent &
leave, till I felt safe enough to come back.
(Rolly—Joe’s  cousin who lives in the same house
with him, came the next day & told me that Joe did not
come home that night, but he had seen him come up to my tent at
10 pm that night, but I wasn’t there.  Rolly  came with
a Baseball Bat & Football & ate some Sugar Cane I gave him
(with a knife to cut it) from my little garden by my tent &
he “Read”  Bible Verses & made $1.50.)
I took my little tent & stuff I needed when the Police met me there,
(but they said they couldn’t find Joe) & I left to go to
ASCC Library to send email to Detective Wells &
then walked around & asked 6 people if I could
put my tent in the bushes not far from their house to
sleep that night, but all refused except the last—Mr. Fuimaono
—the Matai in Fotiga who built the Catholic Church there &
the Am Samoa Prison.  He said I could put my tent in the Falle
beside his house & sleep the night there, but after
conversing with him a while, I walked on down the road &
found a place high on a hill where I could hide & felt
comfortable—very nice!  &  could see the Ocean—hoping
to watch the Sun set in the Ocean(—not possible there because
Summer & the Sun sets in ocean North Side of Tutuila.)
  Mr Fuimaoano is a friend of mine that I have known for
more than a year & have had 6 conversations with him &
been given rides in his truck twice. I met him at
Dorothy Tausala Morris’s House in Fotiga where I go
once a week to look after it.  They are relatives.  My tent,
where I have lived for more than 2 years is in Nuuuli at
the end of Dorothy’s other little house with 15 tall windows that
I look after, where she used to live with her daughter &
sell flowers,  before her father died & she moved to
his house in AUA.  The next morning Mr. Fuimaoano
gave me a ride to ASCC Library where I started telling
all my friends of my horrible, 3-day-night-mare-experiences
from Joe’s hideous abuse & threats & lies,  that
I had no way of knowing  were lies,  until Detective Wells told me!
  & I received an email from her & sent her one back.
I did not sleep again in my old tent until Monday night, 7/29,
fearing that Joe would come see me again, as he was
not arrested by Police though they had talked to him &
told him to stay away from me, which it seems he disobeyed
when Rolly saw him come to my tent Tuesday night 7/23!  
  Thursday afternoon Sean—on a 3 wheeler bicycle,  met me
East of the Stream & Nuuuli Gas Station (the house
across from K-M Mart)  & reminded me that he was there
when Joe claimed he had murdered 5 people, &
said he would be a witness for me against Joe, 
which surprised me, because I had completely forgotten
that he had been there at the time, & when Detective Wells
asked me if Sean or anybody else was  WITH  Joe, I said NO.
Which was technically true, because he didn’t come or go
  WITH  Joe & played no part, (as far as I could tell,) in
Joe’s intimidation & terrorizing campaign against me for
extorting money from me!     My next email to Detective Wells
explained how I had forgotten about Sean as irrelevant.
That was Friday afternoon & she immediately sent me
an email & asked me to try to find Sean & have him call her,
  which I did,  & assume that he called her on his cell phone.
I never had any feeling that Sean was participating in
Joe’s scheme to extort more money from me by
scaring the hell out of me with horror tales & threats
of torture, mutilation & Death! & I don’t think Sean
had any idea what Joe was doing at the time, because
the conversation between the 3 of us seemed friendly, &
I had done the best I could to calm Joe down from
his apparent  RAGE  & make friends with him again, &
I think that’s how it appeared to Sean.
    It seems to me that  IF  you don’t punish Joe
in a way that will make a strong impression on him &
be remembered & motivate him to never do
such a thing again & be such a BULLY &
apply the GOLDEN RULE in his life,
it would be the WORST-POSSIBLE-THING for Joe,
because he will continue down that same
Gangster-Banger-Mentality & most probably
get himself SERIOUSLY-MAINED & KILLED, when
he meets the wrong person who is like himself
l take out his BAD ATTITUDE  on Joe!  & it would be
the WORST-POSSIBLE-EXAMPLE for all the other boys of Nuuuli,
who by now have heard of all Joe did to me, &
other boys on Tutuila who will hear of it.
I believe you will find it interesting to read
an article on my website:
  Titled:  A strange True Story that happened to me.
How Tali—38 year old daughter of Talafulu of
Coconut Point said to me one day.
Which seemed pretty much like being CURSED!
(Her husband was there & heard her WORDS!)
This happened after I told her what I was preaching to people, &
it seemed to INFURIATE her & she spoke those words
loudly in anger.  I was very surprised & shocked & in FEAR!
  & SAID NOTHING—unable to think of anything to say except
goodbye, & left as Tale said, “Nice debating with you Mr. Read!”
  I think I waved goodbye & left, saying to myself,
“I don’t ever want to see her again!”  & I never went back till after
Pisa came to see me 2 months later—May, 2011 & told me that
Tale had DIED!—Shocked me again!—They said by Heart Attack, but
I think  it could  only have been SUICIDE!—FROM the Evidence
that Talafulu gave me when I went to express my condolences.  &
it seems to me that IF you don’t punish Joe appropriately,
that very likely God will bring on his head many of the things
that he threatened to do to me,  that terrorized me!—according to
the Bible Proverbs 17:13  “Whoso rewards Evil for Good,
Evil shall not depart from his house!”
What is worse than, Biting the Hand that Feeds you?! &
bringing dishonor & shame on your parents?!  &
 in Deuteronomy the punishment
for BEARING-FALSE-WITNESS! = Deuteronomy 19:17-19
17 Then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before YHWH, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days;
18 And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and has testified falsely against his brother; 19 Then shall you do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother:
so shalt you put the evil away from among you.  Proverbs says:
“Whom YHWH loves, he Punishes!”—to teach him
being perfect WITH YHWH his God to
Keep God’s Commandments!  IF God Loves Joe, God
WILL punish him & change his THINKING—“HEART”
From Gang-Banger-Bully-Extortionist—which he admires &
thinks he wants to be like—like the godfather—rich Mafioso!!
God will change him into a NICE PERSON!
Who will stay Alive & Healthy & Happy & BE a Blessing
to others instead of the PAIN-CURSE he has been for
much of these last 3-4 years—beginning about the time
he stole Dorothy’s Lap-Top-Computer after breaking into
her little house with the 15 tall windows.  (Proverbs 17:13)
“Whoso Rewards Evil for Good,
Evil shall not depart from his house!”.
Here is a Question that  NOBODY is likely to ASK ME! 
 “Bill, What do you think should be done to Joe  to CORRECT HIM?”
   But IF they did, here is what I would say:--my  thoughts on it,
while it is still FRESH in my mind & I am
unable to NOT HATE JOE  &
though I forgave him immediately with every threatening word,
“Revenge is MINE says YHWH your God, I will REPAY!”  &
HE WILL, So,  I don’t have to worry myself with it, &  WOULD NOT! 
 even  if  God  did NOT! Repay!
  I am COMMANDED  to  NOT!  take Revenge nor
to HOLD a GRUDGE!—Which I OBEY to the Best of my Ability!
“BE PERFECT with YHWH your God!”  This is the punishment that
I think might Correct Joe into being a nice person &
save his life!    Prison during which time he must memorize
the  Verses from the Bible that I pay kids to “Read” &
take My Ethical Re-Programming Course
 as Outlined in my website:
& His parents should pay a   fine  for

  NOT TEACHING  their child (when he was young  & TEACHABLE)
 The 10 Commandments  & ”The Golden Rule”
of  Jesus.—To
“Do unto Others as You would have Others
HONOR HIS FATHER & MOTHER & Keep God’s Commandments!
Joe was arrested Friday 3pm 8/2/13.  Charged with:
USE of a WEAPON.  (3RD TIME IN Prison.  They told him last
time, that if he went in Prison again, he would stay there!)

What Neal Togitogi 
did to Bill Reader from 
Tuesday 7/23/13 (12 noon,
(The "Village Idiot"-- Joe's 16 year-old brother
who canNOT! speak Samoan or English, but
CAN  make & understand some Sign Language)
--The Last time I saw his brother—Joe
 on the street in front of
 American-Samoa-Newspaper-Dumpster &
 Joe threatened me that he would
 “Send his brother after me.” For
 telling the Police everything
 he had done to me & said to me.) to
 Sunday 9/22/13 When I
 called the Police-911 for
 the second time on Neal–this time
 at about 6pm when Neal came
 walking up to me where I was about
 200 feet East of
 the Philippino Sewing Business across
 from K-M Mart on the Ocean at Coconut Point
 on the way into Nuuuli.
        I had parked my repaired scooter
 with a ForSale Sign there trying to sell it.
 I was talking to my friend Dan who
 lives in the first house East around
 the Highway Bend.
          Neal came up to me laughing &
 stuck his face right in my face &
waved his arms threateningly &
 I yelled at him, “GO AWAY!!  GO AWAY!!”
 & when he just stayed there laughing at me,
 I ran across the street & found 2 girls
 walking East & asked them if they could
 call the Police-911, because
 that boy was threatening me & harassing me, &
 the girls said, OK!  & dialed 911 &
 gave the phone to me & I told the lady who answered
 who I was & who Neal was & what he was doing &
 where we were at that time, & the lady asked
 to speak to the girl, so I gave her back the phone &
 she explained what was happening
in Samoan—though I could not understand
 what she said, but she told me that
 the Police were coming.
     When I started back
 to my scooter across the street, I saw that
 my friend--, Dan had gone & I saw
Neal running toward the Ocean
 on the other side of the Highway Guard Rail
going down to the Ocean.
     To begin at the beginning:…..a day
 or so after Joe was arrested & imprisoned,
 Neal came to my tent across from
 the K-M Mart store where I had lived
 for 2 years & yelled at me in his own
 incomprehensible gibberish made-up
 language—neither Samoan nor English &
 using sign language asked me for
 money & cigarettes & sat
on my tarp-covered-scooter & refused
to go,  when I told him to go away &
 yelled at him to away.
     I cannot talk to him—he seems to
 pretend to NOT UNDERSTAND.
      When I was moving all my possessions
 from my tent where I had lived &
accumulated stuff for 2 years
 in 3-4 boxes that I was carrying away
 to the East of the Philippino Sewing Shop
 where I Had permission to put my stuff.
       When I came back from the first trip,
 I found Neal going through my boxes
pulling stuff out & stealing things!
 I found my ukulele thrown off
 to the side where Neal had thrown it, but
 the TUNER was missing!
 In exasperation I yelled at him to,
 GO AWAY!!”  But
 he still wouldn’t leave!  & I told him
I was going to call the Police on him!
—a seemingly impossible threat, since
 I had no phone, But
 I saw 2 ASPA WORKERS across the street &
 ran across to ask them if they would
 call the Police- 911 for me.
(Following your advice.)
 Because this boy was hassling me &
 threatening me & stealing from me!
       One of the workers—Michael Adams
 of ASPA called the Police for me & suggested
 that I stay with them till the Police came.
 So I did & he pleasantly talked to me as
 we waited for the Police.
 In the mean-time Neal had come across
 the street to us-talking & as I explained his
 stealing from me, Neal reached in his pocket
 in front of witnesses & took out
 the Ukulele-Tuner & offered it to me, & I took it.
 After I waited, talking with the workers for
 about 30-40 minutes, the Police came.
       Neal had been hanging around the store.
 When the Police drove up, I told everything to
 the officer sitting in the driver’s seat, while Neal
 was walking around the front of the Police Car laughing!
   The Officer told me to calm down &
 they would take care of it.  So
 I asked if I could go back to working on
 moving my stuff, & he said, “Yes,  Go ahead.”  & I left.
       They took Neal away after about 30 minutes.
 I believe That was Friday 8/2/13 & I had
 finished moving everything from my tent &
collapsed the tent & kept the Sabbath,
 starting Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown.
       The very next day Sunday (As I recall)
I went to the store to buy some food, &
 Neal was there again & got right in my face,
yelling his made-up words & waving his arms threateningly,
 as if he wanted to hit me & laughing & swinging
 his arms open as if to say, “See!
 The Police don’t do anything to me!
 They won’t help you.
 There’s NOTHING you can do!  Ha, Ha, Ha!”
 (Boys from Coconut Point—across the street had
 told me, “He wants to fight with you!”
I told them, “I NEVER FIGHT!”  & I ran away
 from him & into the store where I bought
 some sardines & eggs.  Then I left,
 avoiding Neal while he was bothering
 other people—begging for money & cigarettes.
       I got everything moved
& cleaned up the spot where
 I had lived--removing all the trash.
       I didn’t see Neal again for 4-5 days.
 His mother came to see me
at my new tent & asked me to forgive Joe!  Ha!
 Which I said, “Yes!  I forgive him.”
 Which to me, MEANT:
 I do not demand back the money
 he stole from me, & I never
 take revenge to get even &
 I don’t hold a grudge!  according to
 the Bible Commandments in Exodus & Deuteronomy!
 (BUT!  It doesn’t mean
 that I won’t prosecute him &
 witness honestly against him,
 if called upon to do so in court!  &
 I will certainly NOT! drop the charges against him!
 But not out of hate or to get even with him, but
 because I think it is the best thing for him
 to change him into a better person &
for the Community where he will probably
 eventually come back to live—where most
 of the people dislike him & fear him!
 I didn’t explain all this to her.)   &
I don’t think that my forgiving him
 will make any difference in the amount of time
 he will end up staying in prison.
 Then she asked me to come &
 see Joe’s & Neal’s father!
 As he was in a wheel-chair & could not walk.
 & I agreed, & said I would come & see him
 the next day—a Monday in the afternoon
 around 3pm after checking my email.
        So I did go see him &
 had a friendly conversation with him
for about an hour & I gave him
 my brochures made of Bible verses
 which I pay the boys of Coconut Point & all over
Tutuila wherever I go,
 Money to read or say the Bible verses after me.
      Joe’s father told me that he
could not physically discipline Joe or Neal, &
that it was now against-the-law.  &
 the most important words in the Bible
 were FORGIVE & LOVE!  Ha!
(That’s fine!  If you’re the VICTIM!  Ha!)
    I felt it would do no good to preach
 at him or argue with him & everything I had to say
 was quotes from the Bible in my brochures.
      I believe in physical punishment for children
 before 11 or 12 & that the Bible teaches
 that parents should whip children for evil acts
 to teach them.  “Beat him with the rod.
 He won’t die, & you will save his life!”  (Proverbs)
  My parents:  “Spare the rod & spoil the child.”  Ha!
 “Put the FEAR of GOD in them!”
 Catholic Church:à  “Give me the child till he is 7 &
 he will be mine forever!”
 “Better the child should cry than the father!”
 “Raise up a child in the way he should go, &
 when he is old, he will not depart from it!”
     To my opinion, Mr. Togitogi
 in raising his two boys
 that will result in a life-time of pain for them &
 a shortened life-span!  But,
 I didn’t tell him so, because I thought
 it was too late to help his boys
 except through the state-prison-system
—(which I believe needs to be improved!  &
 I think I know how to do that, &
 I’m working on it.  If anyone is interested,
 I explain it in my website: &
 it appears that some influential people
 are coming to agree with me!)
(Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association.)
         While I was sitting on a bed
 by his father’s front door conversing
 with him—in his wheel-chair, Neal came
 bursting through the front door &
 took one look at me & walked quickly
 right out the side door to the West—nothing to say.
 & I didn’t see Neal again for a couple of weeks,
till yesterday (Sunday 9/22/13) when
 I saw him standing-LOOKING across the street
 from my scooter with the FORSALE sign on it,
 at around noon & then later when he came back
 at around 6pm—getting dark, &
 I called the Police-911 on him for the second time.
      On Tuesday 7/23/13 after seeing Joe
 at around noon by the American Samoa News Dumpster,
 I went immediately to the Police Station & told a woman,
 (I thought that woman was Detective Wells, but
 I could have been mistaken.)  & she told the Police to
 try to catch Joe who had taken a blue bus
 toward Nuuuli & to meet me at my tent &
 wait a few minutes for me to gather
 my smaller tent & a few things & go
 somewhere else to spend the night,
out of fear from all of Joe’s  threats.
    The Police met me at my tent & waited for me
 to get my stuff together to leave, & I left, &
 spent the night in Fotiga.  & did not
 sleep at my old tent for 5 more nights,
 until I was told by email that
 Joe had been arrested & imprisoned.
           After that Neal did many mean things to me.
        While the Police waited for me,
 I found that my Binoculars had been stolen &
 about $6 worth of quarters.  It is certain that
 Neal stole the Binoculars, because boys
 (Rolly) from Coconut Point came & told me
they saw him with the Binoculars & that he
 had broken them in 2 parts & gave one part to Chris, but
 the next day I saw Chris with Tenn (Kipa’s 12 year-old-son-one
 of the best boys in Coconut Point, & they told me
 that Neal had given the ½  Binocular to
 Rolly—who had told me that Neal gave the ½ part to Chris.
 So Since I am pretty sure Tenn never lies, but
 Rolly did lie to me 3-4 times & tried to cheat me
 out of money for work he was supposed
 to do—copying chapters from Deuteronomy,
 I am pretty sure Neal stole the Binoculars &
 the money & gave ½ to Rolly—who has since
 moved away to Ilili.)  Nobody ever offered to
 give me back the Binoculars.
     It seems that Neal FULFILLED
 his brother Joe’s THREAT—the last time
 I saw him—“I’ll send my brother after you!!”
  (He had already threatened me that
 his brother would come &
 break all my bottles—scientific experiments--& burn down my tent!)
 Because he BROKE all my bottles
that I had not moved yet &
 bottles of collected rain-water!  
& he found my two solar- charged Yard-Lights. that
 I charged up in the sun
 (hidden inside Dorothy’s fence in the weeds) &
 used for reading the Bible in my tent at night!
He smashed them against rocks &
 removed the chargeable batteries
($20 each from Ace.)
Also he found 4 large magnifying glasses (4 inches diameter) that
I had salvaged from a discarded large TV that
 I could use to make a large telescope, &
he smashed them with rocks.  &
He stole an aluminum baseball bat I
had hidden under Dorothy's House &
used it to BASH to Pieces a Nice little
Chest of Drawers that worked Perfectly that
I intended to give to Minia for her
sewing shop next door to Dorothy's House!
I can’t prove that Neal did all this,
 but WHO ELSE!
would do such
  All of this is true & accurate 99%, because
I keep a Diary of: #1,
 Everything I EAT!  &
 #2, Pretty much everything I DO!  &
 that  HAPPENS TO ME.  Ha!
     And I am sending it to you,
just with the idea that
I think you will find it interesting &
see WHY  I have felt  I had to
call the Police on Neal Togitogi  these TWO TIMES.
 What do you think I should do?
 Do you think I should press charges against Neal?
It’s not that big of a deal, but
 it seems to CONTINUE!  &
 he IS!  the “Village Idiot” &
 I cannot communicate with him, &
it seems that neither can his parents.  &
he’s just a NUISANCE!  Ha!
Like a woman in the Library said to me,
“If the parents cannot correct him,
the STATE will have to END UP DOING IT.”
 Because without some kind of correction,
it will just get worse.
      I hate to bother the Police, but
I want to DO the RIGHT THING.
       Thank you for your consideration.
Your Friend, Bill Reader

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