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MY LATEST CANCER CURE of my own Cancer: 2004--2 years before I moved to American Samoa, a MOLE on my back started BLEEDING. I didn't know WHY. It would some times stop for a while & make a scab, & then bleed again AFTER I would sleep & lie on my back putting pressure on it. Finally after 7 years in American Samoa, I realized it must be cancer & decided to try to HEAL it with my GREEN-HERBS-FAST that had healed me of 6 Virus Caused Diseases & a Tumor in my lower JAW, BUT! IT DIDN'T WORK! So, I tried many other things, but nothing worked till the LAST VERY PAINFUL THING I TRIED--WHICH CURED ME of it! & that was HYDROCLORIC ACID! I applied it 7 or 8 times, 2 or 3 drops & it killed the CANCER CELLS & now there is nothing left of the Corrupted Mole, but a SCAR!
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(Based on a True Story:)
. . A Rich man had a flat tire, & two hoboes asked him if
they could help, & he said, “yes,” but instead
they knocked him out & robbed him of everything.
 He woke up naked in a ditch, with a bloody head & amnesia.
He couldn’t remember anything
--his name, occupation, job, family, friends, etc.
He was hungry & thirsty & in pain.
 He put on the dirty old clothes left by the hobo & started to walk.
He soon met an old bum & asked him,
 “How can I get something to eat?” The bum said,
“You got any money?
 Before you can eat, you gotta have money.”
Checking his pockets he said, “No.
 I don’t have any money.”
 The bum said, “Whatsa matta you? You just fall off the boat or something?”
He said, “I don’t know. I woke up in a ditch with a sore, bloody head &
 can’t remember anything but how to talk.” The bum said,
 “Ha ha! It’s like you was born again yesterday & you starting all over today.
You must'a been mugged.”
“Well, can you tell me how to get some money so I can
get something to eat?” “Ha! Many people want to know THAT!
You can’t get there from here! Ha!
You gotta Have money to Make money! Ha!”
“Well what do I Need First to be able to get money to
get something to eat?”    “You gotta get a job & work for somebody to get money.
And Before you can get a job,  you gotta take a bath & shave &
get nice clothes & shoes & hair cut & phone & address & social security card.”
“Wow! All that? Just to get a little food?”
“Yeah! That’s why I said, you can’t get there from here!
You gotta have money to make money.
There are many things you must get First in order to be able
to get what you want—money to buy food.”
“Well, can you help me?” “Ok. Maybe.
 Take this sign & hold it where drivers can see it there by the off-ramp.
 (Sign said: “WILL WORK FOR FOOD.” )
Somebody may help you.
Since you don’t remember anything, Remember this:
Whatever you Want, ask many people
(that you think should know,) how to get it,
& they will tell you.
Listen carefully & obey accurately & go slow &
be careful & do things in small increments, &
test what they say, because they will sometimes be wrong.”
And so, before long, a man came along in a car &
gave him a dollar & asked him, “You wanna work &
 make some more money—mowing my lawn?"
“Yes!”... “Ok, get in. You want a hamburger or something?” "Yes!"
(“We get Life from God, but make our living from man.”) (Jewish Proverb)
So, he started out with a dollar & then a free meal, &
 a job as a gardener, & soon he asked his rich friend,
 “How can I get rich like you?”
“Ha! You wanna be rich like me? Ha ha!
You don’t know what troubles you’re asking for!
There are many things you have to Get First in order to get rich like me.
 You have to work your way up a long hard path & Learn the Ropes.
But if you stay here a year & live in the cabana in the back yard &
 be my gardener part time, I will
give you a job calling prospects for my stock broker company &
 teach you. Ok?” “Ok.”
And so, the man started all over again like a baby, working
his way up getting one thing after another that he had to
 Get First in order to be able to get the thing he wanted in the first place
--money to buy everything else he wanted
—water, food, clothes, shelter, house, wife, family, etc.
And by listening to the advice of the old bum who First helped him get
 his First dollar, he progressed rapidly,
And within a few years he became a millionaire, just by
making friends with the right people & asking them how to
get what he wanted & listening carefully & obeying accurately & testing what they told him.
And he didn’t even have to go to school! Ha!
(Based on a true story.)
Every question has an answer. Without the question, you can’t possibly get the answer.
Without the question can even God give you the answer?
Is there any question God cannot answer?
Is there any problem God cannot solve?
The question IS how do you Motivate God to Answer your Questions &
Solve your Problems? Ha! Wouldn’t that be GREAT! IF,
you Could do THAT!?
Can God give you the questions & the answers & the problems & the solutions?
Every problem boils down to a few simple questions!
What are they?
 They are Three: What do I want? How can I get it?
What do I need First in order to Be Able to get it?
Every question seems to have many answers. But,
the TRICK is to find the Correct & True answer!
Every problem seems to have many solutions, but
the TRICK is to find the ONE Correct solution that WORKS!
In any endeavor there are MANY ways to fail, but
only ONE way to make failure impossible & SO, therefore
 . . . MAKE success CERTAIN.
How to Get Everything You Want:
—the answer to every question—the solution to every problem.
 How to get FREE & stay FREE—Escape Slavery.
How to get rich without effort or stress.
"Money is the answer to everything." (Ecclesiastes)
"With money you can do everything." (Jewish Proverb)
How to Learn How to make money in the stock market.  
 How to Make money in the stock market.
How to become a millionaire in 4 years by saving only $500/month.
How to avoid Frustration, Strain, Stress,
Disease, Failure, Pain, Damage, & Death.
How to be Happy Now & from Now on & Forever.
How to Find the answer to every question.
How to Find the solution to every problem.
 How to make everything Safe & Easy & Pleasant & even Fun.
 How to Always have Good Success at Everything & Prosper in All that you do.
 How to be Free like a deer or rabbit & walk the earth eating
 grass & weeds & the leaves of trees—Wild, Free Food &
make it Pleasant like eating “Manna” that tastes like
Fresh Oil & Wafers with Honey.” (Torah: Exodus 17:31, Numbers. 11:8)
How to Avoid every disease. How to Cure every disease.
How to Avoid pain. How to Slow the aging process.
How to Stop the aging process & Reverse the Effects of aging.
How to live Forever Young—become the Joyful Immortal.
 How to stop getting old & dying & finally dropping dead
—like so many billions of our ancestors before us—troglodytes.
IS it IMpossible? Is it Possible?
Can it be done by Just Asking Simple Questions?
 Is there Any Other Way?!
Is it Easy, IF, you Just Knew How?!
Can God answer these questions?
WILL . . .
God answer these questions?
How to get & keep: Safety, Health, Happiness, Wealth, & Power
(over Your own Life & Money & Your world that You face.)
How to get & keep Serenity, Equanimity, Tranquility,
Intelligence, & Creativity. And: Perfect Peace & Happiness.
Peace of Mind. Perfect Calm. Peace Like a River.
Life without Fear. Life without pain. Greatest Magic Mentality.
Perfect Permanent Crystal Clear Clarity of Mind & Definiteness of Mind.
How to walk through
the Valley of The Shadow of Death, yet
Fear No Evil.
Why do people Die?
I asked GOD. . . . . . . WHAT did God Say?
 The Hebrew Prophet Hosea 4:6, says,
 “People Die for LACK of KNOWLEDGE!”
Is that IT?
Is that ALL there is to it?
People Die—Get Old & Die, just because
they can’t Find the answer to
ONE simple little Question that God Could Easily Answer?
They Die because they don’t know ONE simple little FACT?
They Die, because they don’t know HOW to STAY ALIVE?!
They don’t know how to slow the aging process &
stop the aging process—the PROCESS of DYING!
Imagine THAT!
Just a Lack of a Little Knowledge & you DIE!
Lack of a little Knowledge & it’s a Matter of LIFE & DEATH!!! WOW!
People Die all because of a Lack of a Little Knowledge!
Amazing! HARD to BELIEVE! Astounding!
IF you just Knew How, You Could become Young Again &
Live Forever Young!
“The Only Thing standing Between You & What you Want is
Knowledge!—The Knowledge of How
—How to Go About Getting … the thing you WANT!”
How to Get Everything you Want:
Ask Questions!
Answers will come to you!
How to get everything you want in the quickest, most efficient &
effortless way. Some people have almost everything they want,
(from the list above.) They Can Tell You how
to get everything You want!
 IF you know How, you can get it!
If you DON’T know How, you CAN’T get it! Simple!
You can’t get it TILL AFTER, you LEARN HOW to get it.
 BEFORE you know how, it’s IM-possible!
AFTER you Learn How it Becomes Easy!
Like riding a bike. You fall down & skin your knees & elbows & cry &
 it SEEMS impossible—it IS impossible—
TILL the MAGIC HAPPENS! You LEARN something!
You don’t even know WHAT, but suddenly it’s Easy, &
the next thing you know you’re saying,
 “Look Ma, I'm riding with no hands!”
 The BRIDGE between "Impossible" & EASY is
Learning How.
 It’s exactly the same with EVERYTHING!
It’s the same thing with DYING—Getting Old & Dying!
You look in the mirror every day & see new wrinkles & hairs turning gray &
falling out & teeth falling out & body parts sagging & skin sloughing off—
Meltdown in the Vortex of Gravity.
And you cry at the Horror of it. You Despair!
You Beg & you Pray to God.
Dear God Please HELP Me!
How can I Stop this Monstrous, Horrible, Torturous, Disintegration?
And what does God say?
(“If you Want something, you must Work for it.”) (Jewish Proverb)
What is the Work you must do?
Your Only problem is ONE small lack!
The lack of ONE SENTENCE!
The Answer to your ONE Small Question!
God COULD tell you in ONE SENTENCE—Give you The BRIDGE between
 your Seeming impossible Quest & making it Become EASY!
Is there Anything you can Want that
God can NOT tell you How to Get It, IF He wanted to?
Is there Anything you want that you could NOT get, IF
there WAS a God who Could & Would Answer every Question you can ask?
Is there SUCH a God?
IS there a way you can Motivate Him to
answer your questions?
Does God answer Prayers?
Has He ALREADY answered your question in the Torah, but
you didn’t see it? Ha! Maybe!
 Isaiah says: (65:24) “It shall come to pass that Before
they call, I Will Answer!”  Ha!
Maybe the answer IS Already in the Torah!
Look at my Profile & you will see it.
The Work you must do is LEARN!
Learn How!
ACCLERATE getting Everything you Want BY
Learning . . . . How to learn.   Learn How . . . to . . . Learn How.
Learn How . . to . . Learn How to Get What You Want! Ha!
The big difficulty in life is finding knowledge!
The ONLY difficulty in life is finding knowledge!
In your life the big Hold Up of your Progress toward what you want is
inability to find knowledge!
You need to Learn How to Learn!--find knowledge!
Before you can get anything, you Must KNOW What you Want.
If you DON’T Know what you want, there’s No Way in the World you can get it!
How can God even give it to you?
Finding Out What you Want is 80% of getting it!
How boils down to What & What & What…—The Steps How.
 “A well defined problem is 80% solved!”
 “If there’s a solution, it’s only HALF a problem!” (Jewish Proverb)
IF you DON'T ask the Question, you CAN'T get the Answer!
If you DON'T Isolate & Clarify the Problem, you CAN'T find the Solution!
Or even Recognize it in case you should See it by
chance right in front of your nose!
If you Don't Try, there's NO Way in the World you can Succeed!
If you Don't Try you can NOT possibly Succeed!
To get the Answer, you gotta have the Question!
To find the Solution, you gotta describe the Problem!
Getting What you want boils down to
Finding Out what you want! Why?
Because there are always a number of things you must get First in order to
 be Able to get the thing you wanted in the first place. (Murphy’s 2nd law.)
What do I want? (“X”) (MONEY?) How can I get “X”?
Can I get it? No. I don't see how. Is it impossible?
I don't know. Can I see How to get it? Maybe.
What do I need First in order to be able to get “X”?
Ah! If I had “Y”, (Job?) Then I could get “X”!
Now I want "Y".
Can I get “Y”? No. I don’t see how to get “Y”.
How can I get “Y”?
What do I need First in order to be able to get “Y”?
Ah ha! If I could get “Z”, (Knowledge), Then I would be able to get “Y”, &
Then I would be able to get “X”! Ha! NOW I want "Z". Can I get “Z”?
Let’s see. Maybe. Ha! YES!    Hooray!
I can get “Z”! I can just Buy it!
I can get Z, & Then I can get Y, & Then I can get X! Ha ha!
I’ve done it! I've gotten The Knowledge of How
the ONLY thing standing between me & what I Want!—
The Steps How.
Why should you Get Old & Die?
It's INEVITABLE! Isn't it? It's IM-possible to avoid! Isn't it?
IS there a Solution?
IF SO, it's only HALF a Problem!
(Deuteronomy 32:40) “I LIFT up my HAND to heaven & SAY
(with my mouth): “I Live Forever.” Ha!
 There IS a Solution!
(The Torah Says God is a Physical Being who
Can Eat man’s food & Wash His Feet, & Walk & Talk & Hear &
 Smell & See & Bargain & Experiment & Find Out things & Learn!, But
 IS Immortal—Lives Forever!)
(Genesis 18:1-7) God (YHWH) came to see Abraham & Ate his Food—
butter & meat!) God says: “I live forever." & "You Can Too!”
Where does He say THAT?!
Look in my profile. You will see it!
 Star Trek IS the Reality!
The World—Solar System--Galaxy IS Star Trek!
God flies in space ships!
 “Remember YHWH your God, for
it's He WHO Gives you
Power to get wealth!”
(Deuteronomy 8:18

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