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Elijah John Quixote
There is NOBODY  Smarter!  or Wiser!  THAN  the God of Israel—
which is the God of the Bible! & there is 
 NOTHING  Smarter or Wiser for  MEN  to  DO  than God's LAW—which is The COMMANDMENTS  of  God! —“For  YOUR  Good Always!”  For to STOP Pain!   & AVOID Pain! & Prolong LIFE!  &  AVOID DEATH!  &  to Live Forever Young in Happiness!  & 
 to Increase Joy & Happiness in Life &  to  "Love God" &  FEEL LIKE IT!—You can’t Love God if  you don’t FEEL LIKE IT!!   To LOVE  GOD  = TO LOVE  Everything that  IS  &  IS  HAPPENING—CREATION & CREATOR—Which is God!  ("The First & Great COMMANDMENT!!")
(Jesus SAID!)   God  Creates  Everything that  IS!  & Therefore Everything that  IS  HAPPENING!   (IF you HATE or Curse ANYTHING,  You are Hating/Cursing GOD!  Because God has  Created Everything that IS & IS IN Everything &  IS EVERYWHERE! 
"I never Curse!  It just makes things Worse! &
 Worse & Worse!)  &  to BE HAPPY NOW
Because,  Nobody Guarantees you  TOMORROW!   Today COULD BE  your LAST DAY ALIVE on Earth!  IF you’re HIT by a Bus!  SO!  Why  Waste  TODAY!   in Hate!  &  Pain!—“The BEST REVENGE! is Living Well!”  BE HAPPY NOW! &  from now on & forever!  HOW?!  BY follow Jesus to LOVE GOD & KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS!!  & there is NOTHING Smarter or Wiser for  ME  TO  DO!  than to Fear  God's Chastening = Punishment = Pain!  & KEEP God’s COMMANDMENTS!  (ALL PAIN  IS  Chastening  from  God--the CREATOR TO WARN YOU of  DAMAGE!  to your BODY! that LEADS to DEATH!)   (God Chastens You as  a Man Chastens his Son!)  (Deuteronomy) &  Keep his Commandments  for  to  AVOID PAIN!  & To  GET  Everything I could ever want in Life! &  Everlasting LIFE!  =
LIFE That Lasts Forever!—NO DEATH!!  To  Live Forever Young in Happiness!
The GOLDEN RULE  from Jesus is: 
 “Do unto  Others,  as  You  would have
Others,  Do unto  You.” & What does That  Mean?  It  MEANS "Treat People, the Way You Want to be Treated."   Why?  Because “What Goes around  FROM You is  what Comes around  TO You!  Because  People will treat YOU,  the way YOU  treat  OTHER PEOPLE!  What you DO  comes back to YOU
 Sooner or Later, One Way or Another!  How do you Keep your Money SAFE?  “What the EYE Don’t SEE, The HAND won’t STEAL
(King Hezekiah’s Lost Gold--in  Isaiah.)
Nothing is Good  or  Bad  Except 
 THINKING  MAKES  it SO!  Thinking it SO, Makes it SO!  (William Shakespeare)
Who knows if a thing is Good or Bad?
You NEVER KNOW!  Nobody Knows! 
 Not even God Knows  ALL of the Future,
(according to the Bible!)   It remains to be Seen!
(Sodom & Gomorrah.  In Genesis.)  God  Did  NOT!  Know   IF  there were 50 or EVEN 10  Righteous People in  those 2 Cities!  &  He  SAID:   "I'm going down  there  TO SEE …. 
 IF  it's TRUE there is so much EVIL there &  
 IF  NOT, ...Then,  I ... WILL   Know!  & He Burned up those 2 Cities with Fire!  (NO Righteous People  there!) 
The son fell off his Horse &  broke his Leg & cried,  Horrible, Terrible!  Boohoo!  Boohoo!  Why did this happen to me?  The Father said,  Who knows if a thing is Good or Bad?   You Never Know!  Nobody Knows! 
 Not even God knows ALL of the Future!
according  to the Bible!   The next day the Army came to make  the Son  FIGHT!  against  
  in his path  across the Countryside!  BUThe couldn’t Go!  Because his Leg was Broke!  So
 his broken Leg turned out Good!   OR,  did it?   NOBODY KNOWS!  It remained to be seen! 
Because, the NEXT DAY  Genghis Khan came with his Army &  KILLED EVERYBODY in the City &    Because his leg was broke
he couldn't  RUN AWAY!  & HE DIED!! 
Was it Good or Bad?
If you Don’t Care,  it  Doesn’t Matter!  
 I don’t care!  &  It  don’t matter!  I care a little bit.  I care enough to Work on it in joy, but 
 not enough to be unhappy IF it doesn’t work out the way I want.  But I know it  WILL  work out the way I want,    Because,  Everything can be Made Safe & Easy & Pleasant & Even Fun!  IF you go Slow Enough & Be Careful Enough & DO Everything in the Smallest Possible INCREMENTS!  SO!  I always go Slow as Possible &  be Careful as Possible &  DO Everything in the Smallest Possible INCREMENTS! to make everything Safe & Easy & Pleasant &  even Fun …UNTIL … I LEARN  ….  HOW it Works  & then  when I am sure .... I know  What I am  DOING! … THEN!  I Expand Doing Everything  Slowly  as Possible & Carefully as Possible in the Smallest Possible Increments  TO  make Everything Safe & Easy & Pleasant &  EVEN FUN!
 Better TOO CAREFUL, than  NOT Careful  Enough! 
Better TOO SMALL an Increment than TOO LARGE! 
 Better TOO SAFE!  than
Better  DO  NOTHING than
 Make  Something  INTO  NOTHING!

(#2 Programmer)
What are YOU gonna Tell me?
  I'm gonna Tell YOU:  How to
Prosper & Have Good Success!  
    (At getting  Everything you could ever want in Life.)
(Like the "ROCK,"  Millionaire,  Movie Star--Dwayne Johnson!)  Good MAN!  & How is that? 
"This  Book .... of the Law  shall not depart out of your mouth;  BUT, YOU SHALL  Read & Study therein  Morning & Evening!  THAT  you may observe to DO  According  TO  all that is  written therein: for   THEN,   you shall  make YOUR way   PROSPEROUS, and  THEN  YOU shall have GOOD SUCCESS!"  (At getting Everything you could ever want in Life!)  (Joshua 1:8) And What is The Book of the Law?  Deuteronomy:   And What are you going to Read? 
 God’s Promise of Blessings!—For  Fearing God's Chastening—Punishment—Pain!  &  Keeping His Commandments, to   AVOID PAIN!(—God Chastens  YOU  as a Man Chastens his Son!  (Deuteronomy) Good!  And Where is it?   Deuteronomy 28:1-20   Very Good!  Go ahead.  “And it shall come to pass,  IF, you shall  Listen Carefully/Diligently  unto the voice of  YHWH   your God, to Observe  to  DO  all his  Commandments which  I command you this day, (Deuteronomy)  that  YHWH  your God will set YOU on  HIGH   above all nations/peoples  of the earth, & all these blessings  shall come on you, & overtake you,  IF,  you shall  Listen  unto the voice of  YHWH  your God. Blessed shall You be  in the city, &  Blessed shall You be in the field.   Blessed shall be the fruit of your body (Children), & the fruit of  your ground (Bananas), & the fruit of your  cattle (Chickens), & the increase of your Chickens, &  the flocks of your sheep.   Blessed shall be your basket & your store.  Blessed shall YOU  be  when
 You come in (to your Store)  & Blessed shall YOU BE when  You go out (from your Store.)   YHWH shall cause your Enemies (Problems/Lacks)  --Lack of MONEY!  --Lack of KNOWLEDGE!  To be SMITTEN before Your Face!  (If you don't know  what you WANT, there's no way  in the Whole Wide World  to  GET IT!  But  IF  YOU KNOW what you WANT, you  CAN  GET IT! 
The ONLY THING  standing between you & What you WANT, is KNOWLEDGE!  —the  KNOWLEDGE of  HOW!—HOW to Go about GETTING IT!  All Lack is a Lack of Knowledge!  Lack of MONEY is a LACK of KNOWLEDGE!  Of How to Get MONEY!—All  Problems are a Lack of knowledge!   Of  What you Want  &   HOW to Get it!--Lacks!--your ENEMIES  that  rise up against you to be  smitten before  your face: they shall come out against you  one way, and run away before you seven ways, (BUT,)   YHWH shall command the Blessing—The  KNOWLEDGE of   What you Want &  HOW TO GET IT.)  upon  YOU!,  in  your storehouses, and in  ALL  that you set your hand unto, & he shall bless you  in  the land which   YHWH  your God gives you  (Wherever you happen to Be.)   YHWH shall  Build  YOU!  UP   a  Holy People   unto  himself, as he  PROMISED  you,    IF, you shall keep the Commandments of  YHWH your God, &   walk in his ways.  And all people of the Earth shall  SEE  that YOU  are called by the name of YHWH, & they shall be afraid   of  you,  & YHWH shall make you plentiful in goods—Money, Cars, Houses, Tools, Toys, Children, in the fruit of your body &  in the fruit of your cattle, &  in the fruit of your ground, in the land which  YHWH  PROMISED your fathers (Israelites)  to give you.  YHWH shall open unto You  his  Good Treasure,  the Physical  Heaven to give  the Physical Rain unto your Physical Land in his season, &  to Bless  ALL the work of your hand: and you shall Lend unto many nations/peoples, &  You shall NOT  BORROW!  & YHWH shall make YOU the HEAD  (to Lead the Group  &  NOT the Tail, To Follow the Group! &  YOU shall be  ABOVE ONLY  with  Slaves to work for YOU,) & you shall NOT be beneath, on the Bottom!  (A  Slave  OF  slaves to work for others,)   IF  THAT!  you  LISTEN  unto  the Commandments of  YHWH your God, which  I command you this day (Deuteronomy), to Observe and to  DO!  &  you shall  NOT  go aside from any of the words which I  command you this day, to the right hand, or  to the left, to go after other gods to serve them.   (For it will  NOT   BE BLESSED, But cursed with  Rebuke, Vexation & Cursing! Rebuke in all that you do till  you  wanna  DIE! & finally  when old & in pain—hell, drop dead suddenly!   "God Rejoicing over YOU to bring YOU to NOTHING!”   Which means:  “I was Glad to Live, but NOW  when I'm Old & in Pain--Hell!  I'm  GLAD TO DIE!   (Robert Louis Stevenson)—DUST!  "Dust you Are & To Dust YOU shall Return!UNLESS!  You FOLLOW  Jesus TO GET EVERLASTING LIFE!—Which is   LIFE THAT LASTS FOREVER!—NO DEATH!!  
 Vexation from all the Rebuke in all that you do till
 you  feel like  Killing Yourself  & finally when
old & in pain—hell, Commit Suicide like my father
 at 85 & grandfather at 89!  "God  Rejoicing over them  to bring them to NOTHING!” —DUST!The story of  Every Man's LIFE!  Cursing in your MIND & MOUTH—(AIY YAI YAI!!! SON of a B!)  from all the Vexation  from  all the Rebuke 
 in all that you do till you go through greater & greater pain,  getting old & dying  slowly in pain--hell till  finally  drop dead suddenly of old age,  "God Rejoicing over YOU! to  bring YOU!   to NOTHING!"—DUST!—The Story of …  Every Man's LIFE! = The Sons of Adam & Eve  --still EATING The  FORBIDDEN FRUIT  after  5,000 YEARS! Still Could Not Learn  their LESSON!
—Getting old & dying slowly in pain—hell till  finally drop dead suddenly of old age  like   Adam & Eve!  “Children in whom there is NO FAITH!”  Why?!  Why Did God! SAY that?   Because nobody is trying to figure out how  to   NEVER EAT   the FORBIDDEN FRUIT  to 
 PREVENT DEATH!--to  AVOID  DEATH!  But God said,   "In the day YOU  Eat thereof,  YOU shall  Surely DIE!"  But, Adam & Eve Did NOT   Drop Dead Suddenly!   SO!   It means they  Started  to  “SURELY DIE”  —Getting OLD!  —“SURELY DYING”  slowly in pain—hell  till FINALLY  Drop Dead Suddenly of OLD AGE!  &  NO FAITH!  WHY?  Because nobody IS TRYING to  FIND the  TREE of LIFE  To  EAT from  IT!  To  LIVE FOREVER YOUNG!   But God  SAID!  
"Lest he take also of the TREE of LIFE  &  EAT!   &  LIVE FOREVER!"  Jesus  SAID! 
"To him who OVERCOMES (Sin) will
 I GIVE  to Eat  of the TREE of LIFE!" &
 “He that LIVES (in a PHYSICL BODY that EATS!) & BELIEVES on ME (with a PHYSICAL BRAIN that THINKS!)  will NEVER DIE!”  (in his PHYSICAL BODY!) =   NO DEATH!
(Rev 2:7, John 11:26 )

 Because  nobody’s  Asking  God for
 the  TREE of LIFE  to  EAT from it & 
 LIVE FOR EVER YOUNG!"  But Jesus said,  
 "You being evil give good gifts to your
children, will not God give good gifts to
them that ASK?!" &   NO FAITH!   WHY? 
 Because nobody’s trying to  OVERCOME  to
obtain the  TREE of LIFE  &  
EAT from it to LIVE FOREVER Young!  But
 Jesus said,   "To him who overcomes will  I  give  to
 EAT of the TREE of LIFE  (Rev 2:7) &
 Because nobody believes Jesus who said
 "He that LIVES & Believes  on me
 will  NEVER DIE!”  (John 11:26) 
 NO FAITH! WHY?  Because
 Nobody Believes Jesus!
—That they can AVOID DEATH!  They SAY
it’s NOT Possible  to avoid death!  
You can't do it.  I can't do it .  Nobody can do it!  
Everybody gotta get old & DIE!  SO! 
 they Change the words of Jesus,  saying,
 “DIE does  NOT  mean  PHYSICAL DEATH  of 
 means “Spiritual Death”—Separation from GOD.”  
Because I can't avoid Death &
 YOU can't avoid DEATH!
 It’s Impossible, therefore
Jesus could NOT have meant
 never  Die Physically! 
BUT, that IS Exactly
what Jesus SAID! 
“It's Easier for a Camel to go
through the Eye of a Needle than
for a Rich Man to
 enter the Kingdom of God!"  &
His disciples were ASTOUNDED! saying, 
 "Who then can be  Saved? (from Death!) &
Jesus said, "With man it  IS 
 with God All things ARE POSSIBLE!"  But
those who don't believe Jesus, Lie &
they twist the words of Jesus & they LIE!  
How do we  KNOW  they LIE?  Because
of the  Words of the Bible!  
of the word DEATH in the Bible &
it always Means   Death of the Physical Body!
Genesis:  "God made man from  dust of the earth &
 breathed into him the Breath of Life,   &
Therefore, "He that LIVES (means Living Alive in
 a Living Physical Body) &
 (with a Physical BRAIN that can
 think &  Believe or NOT Believe)
on ME, will NEVER DIE!" 
 (IN his Physical Body!)
God  said to Adam 
 "Do not  Physically EAT 
the Physical Forbidden Fruit,
OR  you will  SURELY Die!"   = 
 Physical Death  of your LIVING SOUL
From Physically Eating the
 Physical  Forbidden Fruit
God said to Moses,
 "It’s time for you to DIE, you will Sleep with
your fathers."  (Who are Still Sleeping!)
God said to Jeremiah, 
"I will make the Assyrians drunk, they
will Sleep—Die &
NOT Awake!" 
God said to Hezekiah, 
 "You will  DIE!  &  NOT  LIVE!"  THAT
 is  the  ONLY Meaning  of  DIE  or 
 DEATH   ANYWHERE  in  the  Bible!  &
there is NEVER any mention of
There is  NO   SPIRITUAL BODY!  There is ONLY
the Spirit OF the  Living Body! 
Jesus said, after he was Resurrected &
 nobody recognized him!—thinking him
a Ghost or Spirit,  "A spirit hath
NOT Flesh & Bones as
you see I have!"  
SPIRIT IS the LIFE!  of the Living Soul =
 the LIVING Physical Body!   
  The  ONLY TIME  a Spirit
has Flesh & Bones = a Body is  WHEN  
it is the Life  of  a  PHYSICAL BODY!    
The Spirit  CANNOT  DIE!  
The SOUL Cannot  DIE!–ONLY 
 its  LIFE  &  SPIRIT  &  SOUL! 
 the   Physical Body  IS ALIVE!  
 ONLY the Physical Body  CAN  die! 
 (It is the  ONLY MEANING of
DEATH found ANYWHERE in the Bible!) &
There is NO SUCH THING  as 
  Spiritual Death!Separation
from GOD!  Why?  Because
God is the Creator of  EVERYTHING  &  is 
 IN   everything &  IS   EVERYWHERE!
NO FAITH!--SO!  They LIE! 
 Jesus gave 3 Stories:  to make it
he Meant by the Words "NEVER DIE!Jesus said:
“Those 18 people KILLED! (—Squashed  
 —blood squirting from their noses) 
 by the Tower of Siloam that fell on them!  .....   
 EXCEPT   you  REPENT  you shall all 
What does  LIKEWISE PERISH mean? 
 It means PHYSICAL DEATH  of 
 the PHYSICAL BODY—Squashed  OR 
Bullet to the Brain  or Heart Attack or
 GETTING OLD & DYING slowly in pain—hell  till
finally drop dead suddenly of OLD AGE—Like
 (—LIKEWISE)—LIKE Adam & Eve! 
 IS  there an  EXCEPTION  to
 Getting Old & Dying slowly in
pain—hell till you finally drop dead suddenly—LIKE
 Adam & Eve?
YES!   What is the EXCEPTION?  
Likewise Perish!—DIE  Physical Death of
 Your Physical Body! 
What does it mean to  REPENT?  It means to
STOP breaking God’s commandments &
START keeping God’s commandments! 
 —TO avoid death!—Do  NOT  eat
 the Forbidden Fruit, for
in the day you eat thereof, you shall
   SURELY DIE!”—Physical Death!  
 2nd Story:   Jesus said:
“What profit to Gain the Whole World, but 
lose your own LIFE?—
Yourself –Be Cast Away?"  (Luke)  
A rich man had more stuff than
 his barns could hold, SO,  he built bigger barns &
filled them up, & then said, enough! 
I can retire & take it easy!  But
 GOD said,  You  FOOL!  
Tonight YOU  DIE!  &
 Now! WHO will OWN  all
your stuff?!”  Not YOU!  
Who  would own all his stuff? 
 His wife & kids & the government!  Why
did God call him a  FOOL?!     Because
spending his whole life
getting possessions, 
 he ENDED up  
 LOSING   his   LIFE  &
ALL  his possessions!  
 What   SHOULD he
 have DONE?  For Eternal Life—
Life Everlasting, 
 he should have
   Obeyed Jesus,  who said
(to the man who asked, 
 What must I DO to
  GET   Eternal Life?)
Jesus said:  Keep the commandments of God. 
Also Jesus said: "Seek FIRST
the  Kingdom of God &
his righteousness & All these
Things—stuff  will be 
 ADDED  unto you!"—He did NOT have to
 Sacrifice  his  LIFE  for
to get all his  STUFF!
Breaking Gods  Commandments &
Eating the FORBIDDEN FRUIT, to 
 ASK God for the Tree of Life  
(such a good gift!)  &
 FIND   the Tree of Life  & EAT from it to
Live Forever Young! 
 Story #3:  Jesus said: 
 "If your hand OFFEND you (in disease =
 Cancer or Gangrene) cut  it off &
cast away!  Better your Hand  PERISH—DIE
physical death,  than your  whole  BODY  be
 cast into HELL!” 
What goes to Hell?! 
 The  Physical  Body! 
When does it
GO to Hell?  When
 Dying in great PAIN,  just before
 it drops dead suddenly! 
What dies?   The Physical Hand  
cut off  FROM  
the Physical Body!  ONLY!  the
  Physical Body CAN Die! 
What DIES?!  The Physical Body  in Disease &
 great PAIN—HELL!  People  LIE!   & they Do NOT
follow Jesus accurately or
 Truthfully Believe on him!  BUT 
they follow Paul!   Solomon said:  (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6) 
“The living Know
 that they will die, but the dead
do NOT  know anything, FOR
 their memory is forgotten &
 their love & hate & envy are also
already Perished, &
they will no longer have
any part in anything done under
 the sun anymore for ever!” 
Some people think that
you have to DIE to go to Heaven!!! But!  
 NOBODY in  the Bible ever DIED &
went to HEAVEN! 
WHILE they were DEAD!!   
 FIVE people in the Bible went to Heaven!   BUT! 
 They were ALL ALIVE when they went! 
Jesus, (after his Resurrection,) said,
A Spirit hath NOT Flesh & Bones as
 you see I have!
 just before going UP to Heaven
he  ATE  Fish & Honey to SHOW  US 
that he  WAS  a  Physical Body    &
GOING to a  Physical Place  where
he would  never  ever  have to 
 DIE  a Physical Death again! 
—EATING from the leaves of
the   Tree of  Life   to 
 Live forever Young
Some people think you have to  DIE  to
 get Eternal Life!  BUT!   
 Without  DEATH!
the Crucifixion & Death &
Resurrection of Jesus
it  MEANS that  YOU  do  NOT 
 have to   DIE! 
 Since Jesus  DIED  FOR  YOU!  &
 ONE THING for SURE!  You do   NOT  
 go to Heaven when  you  DIE!  Because!
Heaven  IS  a   Physical Place  where
 Living Physical Jesus LIVES!
--Eating & Drinking!
If you DIE, you will stay in the grave
 until  you are Resurrected! in
A  New  Living  Physical  Body &
Jesus comes back to  Earth to
TAKE YOU   UP  to  the  Physical Heaven!
He that LIVES & BELIEVES on me,
 will  NEVER DIE!”  (John 11:26)
IF  You  DIE, it MEANS  
that You didn’t have enough Faith to
TRULY Believe on Jesus &
ACCURATELY follow him for
You will get another chance  WHEN  
But!   when that happens before
Jesus comes back to take you UP to
YOUR PAST LIFE?  Can you be Sure? 
"He that ENDURES unto the END of
the World by FIRE!  The SAME
(Matthew 24)
Nobody KNOWS!
"Don't count your Chickens
BEFORE they are Hatched!"  Ha!

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