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How to Pray to God in such a way as
to get him to TALK TO YOU?!
Isaiah ....Says the REASON God doesn't
answer your prayers is because
you are not keeping his COMMANDMENTS BUT
 Breaking his Commandments!
= Disobedience to God!  &
the time will come when God will answer
before they call!
  When will that time be? 
It will be WHEN they LEARN to
"Be Perfect with YHWH your God!"
"I lift up my HAND & swear:"
"BE PERFECT with YHWH your God!" &
& that will come from
reading the Bible & listening carefully &
 obeying accurately!  & then the
answer will probably be found
already written down in
 the Bible!  Ha! 
BUT, There's MORE to
the Story!  There's MY STORY! 
5 Amazing Answers to Prayers. 
#1:  By 2005 I had written 5 books.
=  (My Books:
by Elijah John Quixote (pen name),
"The CONSOLE"  by EJQ;   
"The Success & Money-Making-Secrets of the Jews"
 by R. Weinstein & J. O'Neil:
 "The Electronic Seduction Machine"  by EJQ
The Art Bell Radio show in the USA deals with
Strange Things in the World --our Earth such as
Flying Saucers & UFO's &
Strange Disappearances of Strange People, &
Weird things happening on Earth.
  --Reported Alien Abductions,  Conspiracy Theories etc.
  So I thought it might be good to
send my books to the ART BELL show for
 Publicity & to find a Publisher.  So one day
when I was sitting on a Paint Can in
a vacant lot  beside Regency Wall Mart in
 Jacksonville, Fla.  holding & cutting
nice tender green grass with a knife &
putting it in a plastic shoe box for
an experiment to add store-bot
white mushrooms chopped up fine so
the mushrooms would
take root on the grass & digest it &
make it easy for me to eat &
maybe grow more mushrooms,    ...
  ...I was listening to the Radio, &
the weather man said,
 "There will be no sun to day in Jacksonville.
 There is a Mile High Cloud Cover &
nobody in Jacksonville will see the sun today.
 So I got to thinking.....  about what Isaiah said.  &
 I thought to myself, I have tried my best to
 "Be Perfect with YHWH my God, &
I wonder IF God would answer my prayer in
such a way that I could be sure it WAS
an ANSWER to prayer?  &
I wanted to know if
it was a good idea to
send my books to the Art Bell Show.
So I prayed this prayer (as best I remember)
 Dear God, If I should send my books to Art Bell,
 would you please make the sun to
shine on me in the next 30 minutes
for 5 minutes only?  &
 I set the timer on my watch  to
know when 30 minutes would be up &
kept on cutting the tender new-growth grass.  &
 NOTHING Happened!  SO!
 I said to myself,  I wonder IF
that is an answer to prayer OR
IF  I have not been as obedient to God as
I could've or should've.  SO,
I thought maybe God is saying
 it is not a good idea to
send my books to Art Bell!
 (I didn't see how that could be, but maybe.)
 SO I decided to pray just the OPPOSITE prayer &
 see what would happen.
  So I prayed this Prayer:   "If I Should NOT
SEND my books to Art Bell,
would you please make the sun to shine on
me for 5 minutes ONLY in the next 30 minutes?  &
 set my timer again to wait for 30 minutes.  &
 then an AMAZING Thing Happened!
  After about 15 minutes,
a Hole like a Giant Tunnel opened up in
 the Cloud Cover over my head &
the sun shown down on me through
that Tunnel thru the Cloud Cover &
 I could see that the Cloud Cover was really
 a Mile High!  &
the sun shown on me for 5 minutes &
then the hole closed in &
the sun went away! 
I was Amazed & somewhat over joyed with
 what I felt sure was an ANSWER TO PRAYER, BUT
I was very disappointed with the Answer!
 For THEN I was sure that I had gotten TWO Answers &
both of them were DON'T DO IT!  &
that was very disappointing!
 My books represented many, many hours &
 years of work trying to
fulfill Bible Prophecies &
I thought that God approve &
liked what I had done, & now
 I was wondering IF I had just been
 God Hates me?! 
But I didn't send my books to Art Bell, &
 looking back I can see it was for my benefit &
 it was much better that I didn't!
PRAYER #2:  
I had printed up a HAND-BILL --Advertisement
--small tract--  trying to sell my book to
people on the street &
it had pictures I had drawn of
  Showing a wheel within a Wheel looking at it from
the top or bottom  something like this  -->  (O)  &
 another picture  showing it from
the side as I imagined it would look  (which
I have no way to do on
this computer) but
maybe you can imagine it  -->
 <=+=>  <=>  <-> <>   So
I got to wondering if those pictures I had drawn
were IMAGES FORBIDDEN BY God's command to
& SO Decided to pray about it.
I was living in a tent at the time not far
 from Regency Mall in
Jacksonville Fla.  & I prayed this:  "Dear God, if
I should  NOT stop
handing out this Tract to people on
the street, would you
please make it rain on my tent for
 5 minutes only in
the next 30 minurtes?  Thank you."
 --A cloudy, misty day, but no rain for 30 minutes! &
Then I prayed the OPPOSITE PRAYER:
..."If I SHOULD STOP handing out this Tractto the   &
after about 15 minutes
it rained on my tent for ONLY 5 minutes & then stopped. 

When will Jesus come back to Earth?
Matthew 24:2 And Jesus said unto them, 
See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, 
 There shall not be left here one stone upon another,
 that shall not be thrown down. 3 And as he sat upon the
 mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying,
 Tell us,
when shall  these things be? (#1) and
what shall be  the sign of thy coming, (#2) and 
of   the end of the world? (#3) 
 (3 things they asked about & Jesus did
NOT correct them, SO What he says in
Matthew 24 about
 his return  applies to all 3 things!)
When will Jesus return to Earth? 
The  DAY Before  the World burns
up in FIRE! 
Why do I think so?  Because Jesus says that "He that 
believes on me will never die.  I will raise him up (FROM Earth
to Heaven) at the Last Day!  How close is the World to Ending by
Burning Up In FIRE?  1 YEAR?  5 Years?  10 Years?  100 years?  
Here are a few things that must happen before the world can Burn
Up & Jesus come back the day before that!  There must be an 
Israeli Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock = The Muslim
Temple that stands there TODAY, which will have to come DOWN
FIRST!  & something called the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION
must occur.  Which most students think means the anti-Christ will place
an IMAGE of himself that  Moves & Talks  IN THE JEWISH Temple &/or
Sacrifice a Pig on the Jewish Altar.  Jesus says when you see Jerusalem
surrounded by Hostile Armies run for the Mountains!  Ha!  In the old days
of the Crusades you could see the armies only 200 or 300 feet away!
--rocks, spears, arrows, catapults etc.!
But NOW with Atom Bombs & Ballistic Missiles YOU CANNOT SEE
them, but they are there!!!  Iran, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Syria, Lebanon,
Egypt, Saudi Arabia.  etc.  --Hezbollah, the PLO, Palestinians shooting
rockets into Southern Israel from Gaza on a daily basis!

* Grow new teeth in your head?  Dentist implants TOOTH BUD
from dead person with your blood type, then stimulates it with DC
electric current that stimulates it to grow into a new tooth.
* How to grow new hair on bald head?  Why people go Bald? 
Answer:  Eating too much FAT!  Fat floats to the top of the Head
where it clogs up the capillaries surrounding the Hair Follicles causing
the hair to starve & die & fall out.  Solution?  Follow Jesus to Fast &
"Restore All Things"  =  get very thin & live on Green Herbs like Adam
& Eve & your blood will clean out the capillaries at the top of your
Head & the Lost Hair will GROW BACK!
* How can the Bible be the INSPIRED, INFALLIBLE Word of God?
When it appears there are many Discrepancies & Contradictions &
Mistakes?  Here is HOW!  The Bible is  Full  of Allegory!  Examples: 
Eat my Flesh.  Drink my Blood.  Be born again.  Become as a Little
Child.  Let the DEAD bury the DEAD.  Beware of the Leaven of the
Pharisees.  I am the Way & the Truth & the Life.  The Bible is a
KNOWS what is Allegory & what is not!  But ONE thing for certain:  God
is the Creator of all that Exists & therefore everything that Happens!  --You
& all your Thoughts & Desires & Actions!  & of every Word & Jot & Tittle of
the Bible!
* Are there  SEEMING  Discrepancies, Mistakes, Contradictions in the Bible? 
If so what are they?  Was the Universe Created in 6...24 hour days--periods?
 Most people say NO!  Could the Earth be without Form & Void?  No.
Was there water --the Deep-- before the Sun & Moon?  No! 
Could there be Light before there were Stars & the Sun?  I doubt it.  Could 8 people
feed 1000's & 1000's of Animals in a 600 foot boat for 1 whole year?
Did the kangaroo & platypus & Tasmanian devil & 40 foot anaconda & rhinoceros etc
come from Australia, South Africa & South America? 
Ha!  NOT POSSIBLE!  --Silly Non-Sense!  Jesus said a Spirit has NOT Flesh & Bones.  But
(Story of Lazarus)  The Rich man Died & was Buried &
How could he do that if a Spirit has not flesh &
bones or a brain or pain receptors to feel pain --the heat of hell? 
Jesus said:   "Except a grain of Wheat fall into the earth & DIE!  it remains alone,
BUT IF it DIES, it brings forth much fruit!"  NO!  If it DIES--if you smash it or
burn it, NO FRUIT can come from it! 
Just like YOU if you DIE, YOU will no longer be able to REPRODUCE!
Beware! the TWO-EDGE-SWORD that KILLS to the left & right of the TRUTH!
Jesus said:  "No sign to the evil generation except the sign of Jonah.  far as Jonah
was in the fish 3 days & 3 nights, so shall the Son of Man---Jesus be in the bowels of
the Earth!"  BUT!  Was Jesus in the earth 3 days & 3 nights?  NO! 
--Buried Friday AFTER Sunset, supposedly rose from the DEAD & left the TOMB
BEFORE the Sun Rose Sunday Morning!  SO!  --IN THE tomb  EXACTLY 2 nights
& 1 day:  Friday night & Saturday & Saturday Night. 
How can it be that Ecclesiastes 9:5,6 be true & ALSO Jesus IMPLICATION that
men are resurrected & live again after they die?  Ecclesiastes says:  "The Living
know that they will die, but the DEAD do NOT know anything because their
Memory is Forgotten & their Love & Hate & envy have also already perished &
they will no longer have any part of anything done under the Sun forever!"  That
sounds pretty much like "When you're DEAD, you're DEAD!"  BUT!  Is there
a RESURRECTION?  Did the dead come out of the Graves when Jesus DIED? 
The Bible says they did.  But was it allegory?  Did it mean that the Dead who
 were burying the Dead realized what he meant by ENTER INTO LIFE   &
Came Alive?  & what happened to those people resurrected at the death of Jesus?
Are they still alive?  Or did they DIE Again?  They didn't go up to Heaven with
Jesus!  Proof of Resurrection:  There are ONLY SO MANY Human Genes!  It means
that sooner or later--Billions of people reproducing & Thousands of years --sooner
or later everybody comes back PHYSICALLY!  In fact you may already have a
CLONE on the Earth right now --today with your exact same GENES!  --DOPPELGANGER!
BUT!  So.....you are resurrected, but what happens to your Conscious Mind & Memory
When you DIE?  MYSTERY!  Solomon says:  "DEAD MEAT!"  Ha!  Maybe
It's better to STAY ALIVE? 
Deuteronomy:  (20:4-8)  "I give you the promised Land!  All you gotta do is go kill all the Canaanites
living there!  But don't Fear, I will fight for you to save you!  But if you are scared your fear
will infect your brother so don't go fight, cause you might DIE!"  Ha! 

Biblical PROOF!  of Life after Death & that there is no Death!:
There is no mention of Life after Death in the Torah = 1st 5 books
of Moses & never any threat of punishment from God for sins AFTER DEATH!
KING SAUL the day before he died, went to ask the witch of Endor --woman
with a familiar spirit to bring the prophet Samuel up from the dead so he could
enquire of him!  Ha!  & it appears that she did so & that Saul saw Samuel!  Ha!
BUT, nothing like that happened. 
 All that happened was Saul asking her
 WHAT SHE SAW!  & she gave him
a line of B/S!  She knew what Samuel 
looked like & described
him!  & Saul --the bad-news-idiot-king
 took her word for it!
A woman with a Familiar Spirit that God
 had commanded
him to KILL!  Ha!  But a strange thing happened
--it looks like God put words in her mouth
 (Like Balaam's Donkey!)
& she made a prophecy!  She said, 
Samuel said, "Tomorrow
YOU will be with me!"  & so the next day
 Saul killed himself!  Ha!
The other Biblical Proof of LIFE after Death?
 Lazarus died & went to the Bosom of Abraham  (allegory)
& the Rich Man died & was buried & lifted up his eyes in HELL!
  How he did that I don't know since Jesus said a SPIRIT has NOT
 flesh & bones!  Can there be thought without a Physical Brain to think
the thoughts?  I doubt it.  Can there be pain without
 pain receptors in the brain?  Is there a spirit tongue
& spirit water to quench spirit thirst?
 The more you look at it the less likely it looks.
  "There is a great gulf fixed!"
"I'd giv y evrthng I'v got fr a lttl pc of mind!" (Jn Lnnon)
"I'd give you Everything I've Got for a Little Peace of Mind!
EVRTHNG we DO is for gtng a FEELNG! PRF PC &
Everything we DO is for getting a FEELING!  Perfect Peace &
GENES! YOU had, have, wl hv a DOPPLEGANGER!
"Th UNEXAMINED LIFE is NOT worth living!"(Socrates)
Why commtd SUICIDE? Cldn't EXAMINE his LIFE!
"YOU can't HNDL...the TRUTH! (Jack Nicholson)
Those BROWN SPOTS on your SKIN? WHY?
What goes in BLACK! & comes out CLEAR?!
COFFEE! Ha! Is it Worth it?
HATES to get its feet wet. Ha! "If you want somthng,
you must work fr it." (JwshPv)
"THERE IS NO DEATH!" Says TombStone of
Mary Bakr Eddy (Foundr of Christian Science.)
?ANYTHING MOR IMPRTNT thn Physcl Immortality?
Galaxies collide > BlackHole > max contraction >
Bg Bang & Xpandng Galaxies collide again!
Th PLANARIA WRM'S Revers Mitosis whl
Fasting=biolgcl/physiolgcl PROOF YOU
cn stop aging, rvrs aging & Lv Forevr Young!
"Beer is PROOF that God Loves us &
wants us to be happy!" Ha! (Benjamin Franklin)
"NOTHING clears a man's head lk knowing he wl be
HANGED in the morning!" (Smul Jhnsn)
"You hv al th TIME n th World!"
BALDNESS?! How t AVOID? Stop eating FAT!
It FLOATS to top of Head, clogging hair follicles,
starving hair, that falls out!
How can EVERYTHING be made Safe & Ez &
Pleasant & even Fun? Why all ACCIDENTS happen?
Didn't see it coming, BECAUSE......
"Evrythg cn B made Sf & Ez & Plsnt & evn FUN!
IF you Slo engh & B crfl engh & DO evrythg in the
smallest possible increments!"
Why did people KILL Jesus? Didn't like his WORDS!
"I son of God. Give you LIFE w/o Death--Eternal Life!
Life Ever Lasting" Ha!
A 1000 Monkeys typing, to type out all KNOWLEDGE in
10 years. Twitter is Better! Us Monkeys gonna
find out EVERYTHING! Ha!
How come: "Everybdy wnts t go t Hvn, BT
NOBDY wnts to DIE?!" BCS, N BIBL, nobdy evr
died&went t Hvn! 5 went, BT all ALIVE when went!
??? "Evrythng n th Univrs dn t th smllst atomic detail n
the way God WANTS IT TO BE!" ?
WHAT do you KNOW? Yr ALIVE! How Y Know?
"I think & feel, thrfr I AM." Will Y live AFTER Y DIE?
Of cours! How Y Know?
"People DIE from LACK of KNOWLEDGE!" (Hosea 4:12)
What is the biggest cause of LACK of KNOWLEDGE?
ANS: Arrogance! Thinking Y Know, whn Y DON'T KNOW!
Lack $? & Evrythg $ can BUY? "PEOPLE DIE! frm
Lack of KNOWLEDGE!" (Hosea 4:12) WHR Y gt Knldge?
Not whr Y think!
"I know what I want. I just DON'T KNOW
HOW to go about getting it." (Jimi Hendrix) All LACK is
a lack of Knowledge! Th ONLY LACK!

Th ONLY thng standng btwn YOU & Wht Y Want is
HW t go abt GETTNG th thng Y WANT!
Th TRUTH hurts! Th most painful Truth is 1000 x's bettr thn
th most comfrtng/pleasant LIE! Honesty: IS th Best Policy.

EVOLUTION? You came frm 1 CELL! MANKIND came
frm 1 CELL! ALL LIFE cme frm 1 CELL!
Hope fr th POPE! sd: "Smthn to it."
HAPPINESS is a mattr of CARE! If you don't care,
it doesn't mttr! I don't Care&it don't mattr.
I don't care too much. I care a littl bit.
God created the Universe? Th Univrs IS ALL
THT EXISTS. Thrfor, Gd & th Univrs are ONE &
th SAME! God = Everything!
"Y cnnot srv God & mammon." ???Huh?
Mmmon=Possessns. Srv Gd=FAST tl
Y Cnt FAST & Work!
SUICIDE: "Permanent Solution t Temporary Problem!
Hemingwy cure for a Headache! Ha!
Better gt Drunk thn cmt Suicide!
"There is nvr Trust w/o LOSS!" (Bsque)
"In God we Trust. All others pay cash!"
Belief, Trust, Faith,= Assumption = Naivety, Gullibility.
"Blbord sgn cons y nto thnkng y cn do wht's nvr bn don.
Leavng y totly free t do anythng y wna do but DIE! (Dylan)
(Bible  "I'm gonna LIVE AFTER I DIE!  But if I KILL
myself I will go to HELL!  Ha!)
  You are a ROBOT--Protoplasmic Machine.
 Either there is NO Freedom of the Will OR
there is NO LAW of CAUSE & EFFECT!
Th Quality of your life is determined by &
directly proportional to the degree of
your obedience to the commandments of God.
You don't have to DIE to go to Heaven!
All you gotta do is LIVE, like you was
WHILE the World gets ready to burn up,
YOU can go to the New Jerusalem
Physical Immortality is no longer IMPOSSIBLE!
The New Jerusalem = Giant Space Station!
asking simple questions! Safety, Health, Happiness,
$$$, & Power, EUPHORIA!
?See my tomb stone?, Write on it:
Said he IMMORTAL, BT he DEAD! Ha!
HEAVEN is a Physical Place! Streets of Gold, Leaves of
the TreeofLife. You don't die to go, you must stay alive
--Evrlastng Life --no Death!
The AMOEBA is Immortal! The Planaria Worm gets
younger when Fasting! Retracing embryological
development. Why not YOU?!
"What Profit, Gain the Whole World, bt
Lose yr Own Life?" It's Physicl Immortality r Else!
Oblivion/Obliteration! Smthin's Up There!
"I am the WAY & the TRUTH & the LIFE", MEANS
FASTING! Only WAY to Follow Jesus! To SEE the
TRUTH & Reverse Aging for ETERNAL LIFE.
God put Man on the Earth & gave him a MIND for
Doing Trial & Error & said to him:  "If you
Eat the Forbidden Fruit, you Surely Die! &  IF
You Eat from the Tree-of-Life, you
& set the Man down & let him RUN &
Said:  "Now go TRY!" ~ Ha!
"The only one who knows anything is
the one who knows he knows NOTHING!"
The Bible is  Full  of Allegory!  & maybe
there are no Physical Facts in it at all!  Some say
that Genesis  is Historical Fact, but Revelation
But I think that NOBODY knows what is
fact or allegorical in the Bible!  All you have is millions
SAYS & WHAT  the Facts ARE! 
Scientists & Doctors are constantly
making claims of new principles & discoveries
VERY NEXT DAY OR being found guilty
of FRAUD & LYING to get MONEY!
SO!  All I can do is tell you MY OPINION of what
the Tree of Life IS & my reasons for BELIEVING
There are 2  good possibilities for
the Tree of Life in the Bible:
The Mulberry Tree & Astragalus Membranaceus.
Scientists think they know why pepole get old & die!
Why?  Because of deterioration of DNA!  Our body 
cells (after 20) are dying off, BUT they are not 
being replaced as efficiently as before 20 years of age!
Why?  because of DNA deterioration.  Something
called TELOMERES = fibers at each end of the
DNA molecules protect the DNA from BREAKING!  BUT!
molecules start breaking more & more frequently
CAUSING us to get older & older = more &
more wrinkles!  Ha!  SO!    Scientists believe
--their OPINION--  that Astragalus Mem...
stimulates the human body to produce an
Which would stop our DNA from Breaking!  & 
Allow us to LIVE for EVER YOUNG!
Just like Jesus claimed we could do IF we believed
on him to FOLLOW HIM & OVERCOME so
that he would give us of the Tree-of-LIFE to eat from
it & live forever!  Revelation 2:7
Now the Mulberry Tree:
When you FAST, your GUTS are used up for
Protein to make ENZYMES to Metabolize
the FAT stored in your ADIPOSE Tissue --fat
on your body=buttocks, flab on arms & legs & stomach.
If you fast too many days, you will get weak blood
vessels in your gut = hemorrhoids!  From fasting
more than 300 days in the last 30 years but
never more than 7 days in a ROW, when I fasted 6 or
7 days in a row a few times, I ended up with a bad
case of hemorrhoids, that I was unable to cure
for 5 years!  But finally I cured my self 1995 by
experimenting with eating the leaves of
various TREES!  Trying to FOLLOW JESUS!
Eating the Mulberry Leaves CURED ME!  by
making my blood vessels STRONGER!
The majority of people die from weak blood vessels!
--Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Lung Failure.
SO!  My GUESS IS that they both may be TREES of LIFE!
But be careful, both can cause tension & uptightness
if you eat too much.  I find that 1/4 teaspoon of each per
day seems to be enough for me.

Are there FALSE PROPHETS in the World Today?
YES!  How do you tell a False Prophet?
Deuteronomy 18:21
 21 And if thou say in thine heart, 
 How shall we know  the word which
the LORD hath  NOT   spoken ?
22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD,
 if the thing follow not, nor come to pass ,
that is the thing which the LORD hath NOT  spoken , but
 the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously:
thou shalt   NOT  be afraid of him.
Is there a False Prophet in the Bible?  YES!  WHO?!
See IF YOU can  Guess  from the Following Bible Quotes: 
 Rev. 2:9  I know the blasphemy of them which say
they are Jews, and are not, ( But LIE!) 
but are the synagogue of Satan.
Who   said he was  Jew but was not A JEW!
--of the tribe of Judah, but of the tribe of Benjamin &
said that we are not UNDER THE LAW & the Law is Obsolete &
to be Abolished & don't worry about keeping the Sabbath!?
Rev 2:2  YOU  hast  tried them which say they are apostles, and
 are NOT, and hast found them liars:
Answer:  Some one who saw Jesus in person &
 followed him &
was chosen by him to be one of his APOSTLES! 
 WHO said he was an Apostle, but
do what Jesus did & do what he said to do! 
 But taught just the opposite of what Jesus TAUGHT!? 
 He said YOU/WE are NOT under the Law!  But
Jesus said,  "Till Heaven & Earth pass not one jot or tittle
shall pass from the Law till ALL be fufilled!
He said , "To DIE is GAIN!"  BUT
Jesus said, "What PROFIT to
gain the whole world, but
lose your own life?!  & God said to the rich man
who built bigger barns to hold all his stuff --too much--  so
 he could retire & take it easy. 
"YOU FOOL!  To night you DIE!  &
 THEN WHO WILL OWN all your stuff?!" 
your LIFE too! 
Who said, "better to depart this life --DIE--PERISH  &
 go to be with Jesus in Heaven!"
But nobody can go to be with Jesus in Heaven, because
Heaven is a Physical Place where
Jesus is living & walking & talking &
 eating the leaves of the Tree of Life &
you can   only  go there if
JESUS when he returns! 
 or are resurrected at the return of Jesus when you
 (ACCORDING to Solomon!  Eccles:  9:5-6)
(Deuteronomy ??:17 And the LORD said unto me,
They have well spoken that which they have spoken .
18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like
unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and
he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.
19 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever
will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name,
I will require it of him.
20 But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in
 my name, which I have not commanded him
to speak , or that shall speak in the name of other gods,
even that prophet shall die .)
 Deuteronomy 13:1-10
1 If there arise among you a prophet, or
a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee
a sign or a wonder, 2 And the sign or the wonder
come to pass , whereof he spake unto thee,
 saying , Let us go after other gods, which
thou hast not known , and let us serve them;
 3 Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of
that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for
 the LORD your God proveth you, to know
whether ye love the LORD your God with
all your heart and with all your soul.
4 Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and
fear him, and keep his commandments, and
obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and
 cleave unto him. 5 And that prophet, or
that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death ;
 because he hath spoken to turn you away from
the LORD your God, which brought you out of
the land of Egypt, and redeemed you out of the house of bondage,
 to thrust thee out of the way which
the LORD thy God commanded thee to walk in .
So shalt thou put the evil away from the midst of thee.
 6 If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or
thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or
 thy friend, which is as thine own soul,
entice thee secretly, saying ,
Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known ,
 thou, nor thy fathers; 7 Namely, of the gods of the people which
are round about you, nigh unto thee, or
far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even
 unto the other end of the earth;
8 Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither
shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare , neither
 shalt thou conceal him:
9 But thou shalt surely kill him;
thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death ,
 and afterwards the hand of all the people.
10 And thou shalt stone him with stones, that he die ; because
he hath sought to thrust thee away from the LORD thy God,
which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from
the house of bondage.
11 And all Israel shall hear , and fear , and
 shall do no more any such wickedness as this is among you.

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