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#2 (24) HEAVEN is a Giant SPACE STATION!

"Coming DOWN out of HEAVEN
from God."  (Revelation 21)
(where the Stars--Physical Stars are)

Heaven is  NEVER mentioned!  in the
Bible without being associated with
 PHYSICAL things!
HEAVEN:  --Where the Physical
Stars are, Where the Physical Sun & its
Physical Fire are, Where the Physical
Moon is & the Physical Planets
of the Solar System are & Where
the Milky Way Galazy is, & Where
the Physical Clouds are & the
Physical Rain comes from, &
Where the Physical  Living Elijah  
went in a Physical Chariot of Fire! 

Is HEAVEN a Giant Space Station?
Is Heaven a Spiritual Place
(Where the SPIRITS of
Dead Believers go WHEN
they DIE?) NO!  or a Physical Place? 
(Where only people ALIVE in 
PHYSICAL Bodies can go? 
Like Las Vegas.)  YES!
Why did Jesus eat Fish & Honey
just before going  UP  to Heaven? 
    The Bible Answers!  To SHOW
his diciples that he was a
going to a PHYSICAL PLACE where
people EAT & DRINK!
Luke 24:37-43    Jesus appeared
after his resurrection & his
disciples feared --thinking him a
Spirit-Ghost.  He said, "A Spirit
hath  NOT  flesh & bones as
you see I have  --touch me.  Have
you meat to eat?"  They gave him
Fish & Honey & he ate.  --Showing
them that he was a 
eat & drink & touch & talk & that
he was going to a 
people eat the Leaves of the
Tree of Life & drink living/moving
water!  John 14:2-3  "In my
Father's  House  are many Mansions. 
(Physical Places)    I go to
prepare a Place for you, &  If  I
go, I will return & receive  YOU 
unto myself, that where I am there 
 YOU  may be also." 
Revelation 21:2,10,16. HEAVEN!   
"Coming DOWN out of HEAVEN
from God." --1500 miles square
(--Physical Measurements
--the area of Australia!)  1500
physical miles high. Streets of
physical Gold, Walls of physical
Blue Sapphire, physical Green
Emerald, physical Yellow Topaz.
3 physical Entry Ports on each
4 physical walls of physical
White Pearl, God feeds the
physical descendents of those
Saved from the physical 
Lake of Fire (Nuclear Holocaust)
on the physical Earth with
the physical Leaves of
the Tree of Life 
growing in the midst of the  
physical street & the river of Physical
 Living (moving) Waters for Drinking.
     In the Bible 5 people went to
HEAVEN!  They were all ALIVE
when they went.  Enoch, Elijah,
Jesus, & the 2 Witnesses after God
raised them from the dead to
stand on their feet! 
(Revelation 11:11)
Never!  anywhere in the Bible is
there any mention of a Spiritual
Heaven!!!  Every mention of
Heaven in the Bible is of a
--UP--where the physical Sky is,
--the physical CLOUDS are,
--the physical RAIN comes from,
--the physical MOON, physical SUN,
physical STARS ARE! 
--where the physical God
LIVES --who ate Abraham's
physical food
--butter & milk & meat & washed
his physical feet & rested in the
shade of a tree & said,
"I am going down to Sodom &
Gomorrah to see IF the report of
much sin is true, & IF IT IS,...
WILL KNOW!  & I will
 The PHYSICAL God did  NOT 
know for sure & would not destroy
 2 cities without being CERTAIN,
so, he went TO LOOK!  to 
then he destroyed PHYSICAL
--Physical FIRE & Physical
are Physical Tekites found there even
to this day   --EVIDENCE  of a
Physical Nuclear Explosion
--6,000 years ago!
    Why did Jesus Eat Fish & Honey
before going UP to Heaven?  To
show them what Heaven is like
--where he was going!  Do people
EAT in HEAVEN?  YES!  Does
God "Feed them with leaves from
the Tree of Life?"  The Bible says
 Does God Give them Living (moving)
 Waters to Drink? YES!
Do Spirits have flesh & bone?  NO!
--Teeth & Tongues & Mouth NO! to Eat
& Drink?  NO!  & A Brain to Think &
REMEMBER & a Tongue to
TALK?  NO!  (According to Jesus &
Solomon!  (A Spirit hath NOT Flesh
& Bones as you SEE I have. &
Solomon Ecclesiastes 9:5,6  "The
Living KNOW they will DIE, but
the DEAD do  NOT  know anything
because their MEMORY is forgotten
& their Love & Hate & Envy have
already PERISHED-DIED, & they
will no longer have anything to do
with anything done under the sun
anymore forever.")
Can  there be THOUGHT without a
Physical Brain to think the thoughts? 
& can there be speach & talking without
a Physical Tongue & Lungs & Physical
Air to carry sound from Physical
Vocal Cords to Physical Ears to Hear?   
Do you have to DIE to get
Eternal Life?  NO!  ETERNAL LIFE
MEANS .... 
--DO you have to DIE to Go to
HEAVEN?  NO!  You have to stay
Is HEAVEN A Place of
SPIRITS who have no FLESH &
Will there be a RESSURECTION?
Because there are only so many
Human Genes!!!  Therefore sooner
or later over 1000's of years &
billions of people your physical body
--your CLONE will come to Earth
AGAIN!  It's like rolling the dice! 
If you keep rolling them, sooner or
later every number comes up
according to the Laws of Probability.
But will you remember your
PAST LIFE?  I don't know anybody
who ever did!  Solomon says, NO!
You have lived before!  Do You
remember your PAST LIFE?  NO!?
What did Jesus MEAN by
John 11:26  "He that LIVES &
Believes on Me will NEVER DIE!
What is the ONLY THING that
CAN DIE?  ONLY the Physical Body
can DIE!  Can the SPIRIT die? 
NO!  Can the "IMMORTAL
SOUL"  die?  NO! 
Why did Jesus say,
"Nevertheless, shall the Son of Man
find FAITH on the Earth when
he Returns?" 
Because every body (SAYS) they
BELIEVE  they will live  AFTER
they DIE, but nobody believes Jesus
--that they can   AVOID  death! 
"Everybody wants to go to Heaven, 
BUT  NOBODY  wants to DIE!"  Ha! 
Now  WHY  would that BE?! 
Maybe it's because they don't really
believe that they're gonna go to
Maybe they  don't really BELIEVE
That you have to  DIE!  to get
ETERNAL LIFE (as my father
claimed shortly before he killed
 himself by starvation!  --claiming
that he believed suicide is self murder &
for that you go to HELL!)  Maybe 
he was a liar?! 
Now you know why!  "Everybody
wants to go to Heaven, but
NOBODY wants to DIE!" 
they remember that in the Bible,
HEAVEN!  & the  ONLY 
people who went to Heaven in the Bible were
ALIVE when they WENT!
("All Liars shall have their part in
the  Lake of Fire."--HELL! 
(Revelation 21:8) 
--Nuclear Holocaust that will
some day --End  the World by
FIRE!)  (Genesis 32:22 Rev 22)
I told my father he was lying!  I said,
"Dad, you're lying to yourself & to
God & to your Children & to
everybody!"  & he said,  "Bill stop
talking about it.  You're gonna give
me a Heart Attack!"  I had to let go
of it, & years later he killed himself &
I was helpless to save his life!
When I was 20 my father & I took a little walk for
a conversation in the woods behind his house in
Greenville, SC.  I had a problem.  I told him,  "I always feel
like Killing Myself!" (I meant frequently felt like it.)
   I thought he would say, "Well there's something
wrong with you.  We'll take you to a doctor & get
you some PILLS, & you'll be allright."
 BUT!  He didn't! 
He just looked at me & said, "Gee, I never thought
a thing like this would happen to ME!" (That my son
would tell me that he feels like KILLING HIMSELF.) 
He didn't  seem to feel any need or obligation to HELP ME!
Which surprised me.  I thought he would surely
make an effort to help me!  I wondered what he would
think if I went ahead & killed myself.
 "Well that's a shame.  Too bad Bill.  Sorry.
 There wasn't nothing I could do.  Ha! 
So I thought to myself, "He's
NOT gonna help me.  He's got problems of his own. 
I gotta solve my own problem. 
And so I started keeping records of everything I ate!
& that taught me how to never ever feel like killing
myself ever again!  & taught me everything I know
about the human body & health & disease & curing
all the diseases & problems I have had in the last
50 years as I come to my 70 th birthday. 
& it turns out that what my father did to me which
I felt was criminal negligence,  dispicable on
his part.  & it was the best thing he could have
done for me! 
So I left home & went to the University of South Carolina.
My father & disagreed about religion.  He told me if I
would go to the religious college (Bob Jones University in
Greenville)  he would help me with money.  But I figured
I could make it on my own, & left home.  & there was
very little communication between us after that. 
     I had many adventures & mishaps & when my
mother had died & I was about 60 & my father was
about 83, I went to school to become a Nurses Assistant
in San Antonio, Tx.  I made an A  & the top grade in the
class of about 100 people.  --thinking that I would
have to take care of my father as he got older & more decrepit.
& them I went to Amelia Island where he lived in Florida.
He told me, don't come.  He had remarried.  But I went
there anyway.  He had 2 operations on his eyes but still
couldn't see anything without magnifying glasses, hearing
aids both ears, false teeth, operations on both knees
getting titanium knee joints, (cost insurance $150,000!) but
couldn't straighten out his legs & walked bent.  He had
shrunk 2-3 inches from 6'2" to about 5"10", but
worst of all he was depressed & saying to me (a
few times when I would visit him) with
a serious look on his face. 
I told him, "Dad,  if you quit eating the foods that
make me depressed & feel like killing myself, YOU
will GET ALLRIGHT!  But he refused to discuss it &
said to me,  "Don't talk about diet or religion.  If
you're gonna talk about that, then don't come around!"
I had tried many times to get him to change his diet or
try FASTING & to listen to my opinions on the Bible &
religion, but he always refused to discuss it, & I had
to be extremely careful & tip-toe around his
sensitive subjects, or he would get angry or anxious
& nervous & so unhappy, so I  tried to walk the
tight rope of trying to help him without his having so many
evil emotions --which I was
certain I could do--  IF!  If he would only discuss
his problems in a calm reasonable manner, but he
When he told me he was READY TO MEET THE LORD, I
had no  slightest INKLING  that he meant to KILL HIMSELF!
But THAT'S what HE DID!
After some angry words from him on the phone, he shouted at me,
 "Don't call me back!" & hung up on me. 
He came to see me one more time in Jacksonville, Fl where I
lived in a tent on Department of Transportation Land --so he
met me at the Library where we could sit in a private room
& talk.  When he got out of the car he was crying.  I said,
"Dad,  Don't feel bad.  It can't be helped."  (I never said a cross
word to my father in my entire life!)  But I had no idea that
he was thinking of killing himself!  My step mother had
driven the car to bring him to Jacksonville (17 miles west from
Amelia Island.)  & we had a good talk & parted friends again, but I
decided to leave him alone for a while thinking maybe he would
change his mind about me coming to take care of him, so I
didn't come see him for a month.  The next thing I knew was
a letter from my brother telling me he was DEAD!  & the
funeral was in a couple days, & I had to hitch-hike there (no buses)
to go to it. 
    He had told my step-mother the same thing
--Ready to Meet the Lord.  "Don't give me any Food or Water!  &
She AGREED!  & didn't!
 From dehydration & no Food, he went from 180 to 140 & died!
 She told me that the night before he died, he said, "I don't think I'm gonna
make it thru the night." & the next morning she was resting her
head on his chest & told me, "I heard his LAST HEART BEAT!"
Dr,  Kervorkian --assisted Suicide!  A Crime! 
My brother & 2 sisters had
prayed that God would "Take him to be with Jesus."  (Nobody
in the Bible ever DIED & WENT TO HEAVEN TO
walking & talking & eating just as he went up to go to Heaven!
 Enoch & Elijah were also ALIVE when they went to Heaven!) 
So their prayers to God for
him were prayers that he would DIE! 
They wanted him to DIE! 
None of them thought to bring a doctor to see him & maybe
give him some PILLS for depression & suicidal feelings!   I guess They
all felt that 85 was enough & he was decrepit & in bad
shape & the best thing would be to be "put out of his
misery!" I hated them!
    I NEVER dreamed that my father would kill himself, because
a basic teaching of Christianity IS: 
Suicide is Self Murder & for
THAT you go to Hell, AFTER YOU DIE!
But none of them really believed that!
He certainly didn't believe that!  Or he wouldn't
have done it!  Actions speak LOUDER than Words!
They  knew he was killing himself!  & they  HELPED HIM!
"We know that NO MURDERER has Eternal Life.  (1st John...)
This shows LIES that Christians tell!
They prayed for him to DIE!
 The Sad & Strange thing  IS  THIS:
He couldn't help me  when I was 20 (& depressed & confused
& wanted to DIE,  because  I thought it would be
 Peace in PARADISE!)
(& 40 years later when I had pretty much solved all my
PROBLEMS), I couldn't help him  BECAUSE  he Refused
to  COMMUNICATE!   He refused to discuss or
answer questions or try anything I advised him to do.
"Poverty is HARD HEADED!"   He was STUBBORN &
hard headed --"a hard headed Dutchman", (as we used
to say in our family.)  He was ARROGANT & Lacked
HUMILITY!  ( =" I could be wrong."  "You COULD be
right."  "I don't know."  "Anything is Possible.")  He thought he
couldn't be wrong (ARROGANCE) &
I couldn't be Right!  & he  DIED!  FROM A LACK
OF KNOWLEDGE!  (Hosea 4:6) "People DIE from
The SAD & STRANGE THING was what allowed him to
KILL HIMSELF was KNOWLEDGE that I had given him!
Which was THIS:  SELF-CONTROL!  --The Amazing, Miracle
of FASTING!  = As long as you FAST, YOU have
control of your self & your hunger & you can KEEP ON
Fasting as long as you like!  --even to DEATH like my father!
People (according to books)  have fasted 40 days & 60 days
& 90 days & 109 days!  A woman fasted 90 days &
ate 1 meal & died!  They did an autopsy on her & SAID:
"Her GUTS were GONE!  --USED UP!  She OVERDID it!  Ha!
BUT!  If you try to eat just a teaspoon or two or a tablespoon
of wine or fruit juice, YOU WILL LOSE ALL SELF-CONTROL
& won't be able to go  back to Fasting till after you SPLURGE &
I had tried many times to get my father to go on a Fast or only 1 or 2 or
3 days --to get interested in the concept, but he NEVER WOULD!
He once told me on the phone that he was Fasting --an Apple Juice
Fast!  I said, Dad,  THAT!  Ain't a Fast!  That's taking in
carbohydrate callories without any Protein, Fat, Vitamins, or
Minerals!  To FAST MEANS taking in NO CALORIES!  --Water Only!
He said.  "OH."  BUT!  "A little KNOWLEDGE is a DANGEROUS THING!"
The KNOWLEDGE of Self-Control through FASTING IS What allowed
him to KILL HIMSELF by Starvation!
Sorry Dad!  There wasn't nothing I could do!  I didn't even know!
But I know ONE THING!    I would  never  have prayed for
you to  DIE  to go to be with Jesus!   Because  Jesus is ALIVE in
the Physical  New Jerusalem --the Giant Space Station that
IS HEAVEN!  & you HAVE TO BE ALIVE to go there!
"The DEAD in Christ shall rise first, then we who are ALIVE & remain
shall  be caught up together with them & SO shall we ever be
with the Lord--Jesus Christ."  But Paul was excuted & didn't
"endure unto the end" & will have to be RESURRECTED
before he will be able to go to Heaven! 
& the problem is will he remember his past life
Solomon in Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 says:  NO!
"...No longer have any part in anything done under the sun
any more forever!"  The Physical Body comes back
again & again but never remembers its past life!  --the
Conscious Mind & Memory --"their Love & their Hate &
their Envy have ALSO already PERISHED!  --the DEAD do
NOT  KNOW ANYTHING,  for their Memory is Forgotten!"
To remember your Past life  &  go to Heaven, you
HAVE TO   stay ALIVE  till Jesus comes back to take
YOU  UP  to Heaven--the  Physical Place  where
he is living --eating the Physical Tree of Life!
Matthew 24  "He that ENDURES UNTO THE END (of
the World by Fire)  the SAME SHALL BE SAVED!"  &
"I will raise him up on the LAST DAY!"

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