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#3 (16) JESUS PROPHECY Few know of. + Cure Depression, Teeth & Hair Loss.

(That few people know of.)
Matthew 17:10,11: 
"Elijah Truly SHALL  First come &

What does this Prophecy mean?  It can  ONLY mean
(This Prophecy was made  AFTER 
John-the-Baptist was DEAD--beheaded by King Herod. 
SO,  IT MEANS that some one like Elijah &
John-the-Baptist  MUST COME  &
Jesus comes back to Earth!
"RESTORE ALL THINGS" = Live like Adam &
Eve in the Garden of Eden on Green Herbs & Fruit
that was NOT FORBIDDEN & eating from
--"RESTORE ALL THINGS"  as it was
the "Fall of Man" with the FORBIDDEN FRUIT.
What I  LEARNED From
Trying to Follow Jesus Accurately, to
DO what he Said  to DO  &
to DO what HE DID 
(--which is the only way  TO  follow him.) 
And from trying to
(that someone like Elijah would come &
Jesus comes back to Earth, to
gather his followers & take them to Heaven
 before the Earth burns up in
the LAKE of  FIRE =  
Nuclear Holocaust—Armageddon.    
  Trying to follow Jesus,
I sold all my possessions &
gave the money to the poor &
when given a tent, I went into
the wilderness & tried to
fast for 40 days in a row, but
ended up fasting more than 300 days in
the last 40 years, but never more than
 7 days in a row.  
(Using FASTING to Experiment & Test
1000's of Foods & the Leaves of Weeds & Grass &
Trees --searching for the Tree-of-Life & trying
to find the FORBIDDEN-FRUIT & how
to Avoid eating   IT  to AVOID DEATH!  
  From those days I learned of
Matt. 17:21  = “Prayer
And of the Tree of Life.
 (Which Jesus promises to give to
him who over comes, for Healing the Nations.) 
 (Revelation 2:7 & 22:2)    
Using these tools given to one who
actually follows Jesus accurately,
I have been enabled to cure many DISEASES &
problems,  (--in myself & in others.): 
Warts, Loose Teeth, Gum Boils, Hemorrhoids,
Weak Blood Vessels, Strokes, Heart Disease,
High Blood Pressure, Kidney Failure, Arthritis, Cataracts,
Colds, Flu, Dengue Fever,
Cancer, (& Probably all diseases CAUSED by
Viruses--including Herpes & Aids!)  
Baldness, Obesity, Diabetes, Head Aches, Diarrhea,
Cholera, Depression, Confusion, Alzheimer’s Disease,
Parkinson’s Disease & the CAUSE & CURE of AGING! 
 = Getting old & dying in pain—hell till finally drop dead suddenly of
old age like Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden

How to Avoid Losing your HAIR!  Certain Foods Cause Baldness
Scientific Explanation.The Cause & cure of Baldness.  Send me an email
if you wish to know more of this.
How to NEVER Feel like Killing Yourself.  Certain Foods Cause
Suicidal Feelings & Depression & Alzheimers & Parkinsons Disease!
--How to Avoid Them.  Send me an email if you wish to learn more: -->
    My list of foods that make me feel TERRIBLE & SUICIDAL & 20
things to do before killing yourself!~ Ha!
How to Keep from Losing Your TEETH! 
How to Cure Loose Teeth &
Gum Boils & Prevent Cavities:   Eat 1 heaping teaspoon of Powdered Kale & 7 Drops of
Cod Liver Oil every 4 hours starting with Mornring when you wake up. = 4 times a day.
If you don't have Kale go to the Gov. Table of the Contents of Foods & find an
equivalent Greens  that has a 5 Calcium to 1 Phosphorus RATIO!  You can cook it
if you can't get it in Powdered Form, but be sure to eat the equivalent of 1 heaping teaspoon
every 4 hours or more.  Small Doses is much better than 1 big meal!  Equivalent Greens are:
Turnip Greens, Collard Green, Mustard Greens, Kohlrabbi Greens, Lamb's Quarters.  These
Greens have a 5 Calcium to ! Phosphorus RATIO!  Spinach & Broccoli do not & WON'T WORK!
  How to Cure Arthritis & Avoid it.  --Fasting & How it Works.  Your IMMUNE system is a Giant
Army of Amoebas!  When you eat 3 meals a day, it doesn't get a chance to get hungry!  It WORKS
BY finding cells in your body that do not have YOUR DNA = MICROBES--BACTERIA, VIRUSES,
ETC & EATING THEM UP!  Ha!  So when you Fast--Starve your self they get HUNGRY & start
doing their JOB!    Arthritis is caused  by a fungus--yeast that is used to make bread--leavening that
takes a hold & grows in your JOINTS!  Fasting makes your IMMUNE System seek it out & eat
it & KILL it!  & that is what .....
This is  What   Pass-Over Teaches Us!

1000 Jewish Proverbs Continued:

Curiosity is the KEY to KNOWLEDGE!
Curiosity killed the Cat!
Jewish Curse:  May you make a lot of Money &
Spend it all on Doctor's Bills!  Ha!
An open Door will
Tempt a Saint.
May God save me from having only
One Shirt, One Eye, & One Child.
"My God, My God, Why hast thou
Forsaken me?" (Jesus on the Cross)
The Whole World is worth NOTHING &
LESS than NOTHING! God (Isaiah)
God (The Creator of All that Exists?)
Made 3 Wishes!  ...:
Oh!  That they were Wise to Obey me.
Oh!  That they had such a Mind to
Fear Me & Keep My Commandments!
Oh!  That they had Listened to My
Commandments, & their Peace be
as a River!
(Deut. 5:29, 32:29, Isaiah 48:18)
One does not Die among Jews.
(Thou Shalt Not Kill.)
"Murder Incorporated"  (Mayer Lanski)
There's Good & Bad in Every Race.
There's TWO Sides to Every Story.
The only CAUSE of all Unhappiness &
Pain & Disease is
Disobedience to God!  (Deut.)
Your BODY Can Lie to you!  &
Does Lie to You &
Will Lie to you!
Food can Deceive you!
"The Deceitfulness of Riches." (Jesus)
May God give me the Courage/Confidence to
Change for the Better What I CAN
Change for the Better & the Peace of
Mind to Accept what I cannot change
For the Better & the Wisdom to
Find the Difference. 
(Paraphrase of Famous Quote.)
You don't know What you can Do
Till you TRY!
The only way to find out what
You can do is to TRY!
If you want something done RIGHT,
Do it yourself!  (B/F)
He who cannot delegate,
Will never get rich in business.
"When I go to make a Deal,
I take a Loaded Gun."  (Onasis)
"Make him an offer he can't Refuse."
(The god/father)
A FAST is easy...with
a Bottle of Wine & a Chicken.  Ha!
The Present is Turning into the Future.
"Process of Time"  You can see some of it!
You can see the Tide Turning!
People Believe pretty much what
They WANT to Believe.  (M)
Do they?
Can YOU Control what you Believe?  NO!
You have  NO CONTROL  over what
YOU Believe!  Your Sub-Conscious mind
Absorbs your IN-PUT & organizes it &
TELLS YOU what you Believe!  &
Your Beliefs CAUSE you to
DO what you DO!
You Do what you Do because
You Believe you will get
Something you WANT! 
But sometimes it doesn't work out
The Way you Think!  Ha! 
"It seemed like a Good Idea at
The Time!  He said to the Judge
Before being Locked Up!  Ha!
Many a Slip Twixt the Cup & the Lip!
Actions SPEAK Louder than Words!
Only your Actions show what
You Truly Believe! 
Can a man LIE to himself ??!
Is it actually POSSIBLE?
Would it not be INSANITY?
But, What is HYPOCRISY?
Lying to others?
"Saying you Believe what
You Know Ain't So?!
Success is Just an IDEA AWAY!
Look for IT!  "Seek & you shall FIND!"
"Live Long & Prosper." (Spock)
"Live & Laugh & Have a Lot &
Don't Care about the World." (Yddsh)
Hindsight is better than FORE sight.
Hindsight is 20-20.
Failure is the MOTHER of Success.
"I have to be wrong a certain number of
Times in order to become Right. 
(Father of Modern Advertising.)

B/S TALKS!  Rich Men Ride.
Wise Men Walk.
You can't Fight City Hall!
You can't reverse ENTROPY!  Ha!
Nobody will ever love you like
Your Mother & Father did!...
If you were that Lucky!
One Father can Feed, Clothe, & Shelter
12 Children, BUT  12 Children
Cannot Support  ONE  Father!
Hindsight is Better than Foresight.
Hindsight is 20-20.
Better the Child should cry than the Father!
"Keep moving Shakney, so they'll
Think you're Working."
Be Happy NOW!
Today could be your Last Day Alive
On Earth!
Nobody guarantees you tomorrow!
Nobody knows the Day of his Death!
Except Suicides like Hemmingway.
(The Sure Cure for a Headache!
Blow that sucker all over the Ceiling!  Ha!)
"No man knows the Day nor the Hour.
Today could be your last chance for Happiness!
Why Waste it on Hate & Unhappiness?
When you don't have to!
It's Your Choice!
All you really have is today.
"Let it Be." (Beatles)
"There's nothing you can do 
That can't be done." (Lennon)
Never underestimate the thief!
Locks are only good for Honest Men!
What the Eye don't See, 
The Hand won't Steal!
Nothing clears a man's mind like
Knowing he will be hanged in
the Morning. (S. Johnson)
(Everything else becomes Irrelevant.)
The only real SAFETY is 
In Suicide & Death!  Ha!
Live Long & Prosper.  (Spock)
Live & Laugh & Have a Lot &
Don't Care for the World.  (Yddsh)
The Unexamined Life is NOT 
Worth Living.  (Socrates)
(Before he Killed himself rather than
Accept Bannishment from his home.)
How can Life Be Worth Living?  Ha!
The Day of one's Death is Better than
The Day of one's Birth.  (Solomon)
Is Death Better than Life?  Ha!
"Today YOU will be with me in
Paradise!" Oblivion & Obliteration?  Ha!
--Better than hanging on a cross from NAILS
in your hands & feet with a Spear jabbed
in your side & vinegar to drink &
your legs broken to kill you quicker!  Ha!
(Jesus to thief on the other Cross.)

The Whole World is ONE THIEF!
People are Rats!  They'll Steal the
Food right out of your Mouth! 

"Every Christian Liar." (BeeGees)
Your Enemies will be found
Liars unto you.  (Deut.)
He not busy being born is
Busy Dying!
He'll pull YOU down into
The Hole he's in!
I ain't gonna work on
Maggie's Farm no more!
Pull up your stakes,
Pack up your tent,
YOU ain't going nowhere! (Dylan)

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